Center Of Gravity Tik Tok Challenge (only women can do it ) 

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Center Pf Gravity Tik Tok Challenge (only women can do it )
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6 Des 2019



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Mr ProTactics
Mr ProTactics 7 hari yang lalu
Bro I dead couldn’t dot it lmfoa
To Go
To Go 8 hari yang lalu
You can't have a baby
MadGary 9 hari yang lalu
Who the hell on Earth has never heard of this? And there's the first lie
Frank Johnson
Frank Johnson 16 hari yang lalu
Women have narrow shoulders narrow waist wide hips and a larger rear end so the bulk of her weight is right around her hips. A man has wide shoulders, larger chest muscles and also the arms, so he has much more body weight from his waist up. Most guys could stand up from that 3 foot lengths and their head touching the wall but adding a 10 pound chair is physically impossible to do. And the guy in the comments who says he’s 6’-5” and and can do it with no problem, post a video of it and use a real chair not a little aluminum beach chair, we’ll wait.......
Livvy Cosplays
Livvy Cosplays 18 hari yang lalu
I ran a little experiment, and for some reason all of the the adult men (aka my dad and a few of my teachers) were able to do it, all of the adult women (my mom and a few more teachers) could do it, and the teenage girls (me, my sister, and some friends) could do it too. However, very few of the teenage boys were able to do it......
mary jane
mary jane 17 hari yang lalu
Livvy Cosplays maybe the boys are not proportionate yet, like maybe they haven’t fully grown into their body
Shayla Lehman
Shayla Lehman 20 hari yang lalu
Ashlynne Joslin
Ashlynne Joslin 21 hari yang lalu
I’m a girl and I can’t do it😂🤧
horror movies
horror movies 29 hari yang lalu
Cool family
Greeneyesblinkblink Bulan Yang lalu
The one less rib..Makes us more flex..
mycollegeshirt 11 hari yang lalu
Men and women have the same number of ribs
Léonarde Survey
Léonarde Survey Bulan Yang lalu
This woman is so attractive
A&T squad
A&T squad Bulan Yang lalu
Its because mens feet are bigger so the two steps back they take push them further away from the wall.
LeadUR Subconscious
LeadUR Subconscious Bulan Yang lalu
That’s why all woman are psychos the world has no effect on them .
Rahieem Hicks
Rahieem Hicks Bulan Yang lalu
I did it first try
Sabrina Hernandez
Sabrina Hernandez Bulan Yang lalu
My daughter has big feet and she can do it.
Anthony Sykes
Anthony Sykes Bulan Yang lalu
I told ppl that 3wks ago, that if u have big feet u can't do it.
LifeWithEllie Bulan Yang lalu
Thts crazy 😭😂
Natasha Dickie
Natasha Dickie Bulan Yang lalu
👍👍👍👍 😂😂😂
No Name
No Name Bulan Yang lalu
If I meet a chick in the club ima make her do this if she can lift it then we good if she can't ima punch her in the face cause she a man that had a sex change lmaooo😂😂😂 jk I wouldn't hit her I'll kick her out my house
Liam 1234
Liam 1234 Bulan Yang lalu
This is bullshit because I can do it but my sister can’t
pickAtell Bulan Yang lalu
This is the easiest thing in the world. By the way I'm a guy. We Muslims shouldn't have problem with this. We go in this position and back everyday 17 days (it's called ruku'u)
Crys Johnson
Crys Johnson Bulan Yang lalu
So me and my family tried it. My sister was able to stand up but my dad and brother could not BUT I also could not stand up and my mom couldn’t even pick the cooler up we was using lmao. It was to funny but I don’t think it’s a man or woman thing cause I’m a woman 30 yrs old 5’2 110 lbs and could NOT stand up. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Quya Kalashnikova
Quya Kalashnikova Bulan Yang lalu
so much fun, I love you guys
norvette bryan
norvette bryan Bulan Yang lalu
Legends have it he's still trying
Larry I
Larry I Bulan Yang lalu
Just my take and I'm no expert, this reminds me of a "fulcrum" physics experiment in high school. I think what makes it impossible is the average male has a heavier torso on average, with bigger feet (further from the wall), which makes the angle of inclination farther away and increasing the force to overcome the weight of the chair exponentially. Lovely experiment though
MysteriousRider Bulan Yang lalu
She wasn't 90°
Javarro Long
Javarro Long Bulan Yang lalu
Crazy 😜 but fun.
hendersonandre1 Bulan Yang lalu
The definition for center of mass: A point in space determined by a distribution of mass (such as a solid object, a collection of objects, or a gas), such that a uniform force acting on the whole distribution acts as if the distribution were located at just that point. So basically the object needs to be in the middle of the objects mass. The first mistake Shane makes is the chair is not at his center of mass. You will notice he has the chair higher on his chest between the bottom of his chin and below his sternum where as Liana is holding the chair much lower at about her clavicle area and above her navel area. Those are the first obvious things I notice as well as the distance they both are from the wall which is not the same due to her foot size difference and his foot size difference. The distance they are from the wall is not the reason he was unable to pick the chair up. I would recommend people looking up center of mass for the human body you will see Shane did not have the chair in the correct position but to high. Liana had the correct in a more correct position for her center of mass. Having strong hamstrings muscle do help but I think a average person can still pickup a object if it is position in the correction location on their body. Thats my 2 cents!!
Abdul Ghaalik
Abdul Ghaalik Bulan Yang lalu
Liana is correct shane your feet is bigger then hers so when "men" do it they are about an inch more away from the wall then females with that being said men is just not going down at a 90° angle but leaning slightly forward without noticing so for "men" with the chair gravity is not just pulling you down but forward as well hence the reason why "men can't stand up" for the men that is not able to get up take note what your toes are doing whilst you try to stand up when you try to stand up your toes tend to "dig into the ground" that means with the chair gravity is not just pulling you down,but forward as well Give it a try and see what happens 👍🏼👍🏼
THE RAPTOR Bulan Yang lalu
I remember when I was a kid, my mother was watching that old tv show, "ALL IN THE FAMILY" and they spoke about this. Its definitely gravity.
Uni_verse Bulan Yang lalu
We learn something new everyday😂😂😂 i did👀
Jennifer Vale
Jennifer Vale Bulan Yang lalu
Lmao Liana said just lift your head up bro
No Joke
No Joke Bulan Yang lalu
If you’re not sure if you’re male or female try this.
No Name
No Name Bulan Yang lalu
If I meet a chick in the club ima make her do this if she can lift it then we good if she can't ima punch her in the face cause she a man that had a sex change lmaooo😂😂😂 jk I wouldn't hit her I'll kick her out my house
cute biatch
cute biatch Bulan Yang lalu
😂😂 hahaha
Bxfinest crew163
Bxfinest crew163 Bulan Yang lalu
2000 years later lmao
Patrick L
Patrick L Bulan Yang lalu
You gotta bend and snap like in legally blonde
BossKrew Bulan Yang lalu
Patrick L underrated comment!! LMao. 😂😂
Striker Bulan Yang lalu
I laugh thinking this is BS and then I decided to try it. The first time I tried it, I couldn't raise up, because I felt like most of my weight was leaning towards the wall and I weigh over 200lbs. The second time I tried it, I was able to raise up mostly because of my lower leg strength. I think men being bigger, heavier and unbalance in that position, affects the ability to raise up easier than a person who weighs less. Think this is difficult for a bigger person and easier for a lighter person.
MissAvier _
MissAvier _ Bulan Yang lalu
No I just saw an 11 ish year old boy do it about the same height as his sister and slim but he couldn't do it
Anwar Morin
Anwar Morin Bulan Yang lalu
I found out about this in middle school back in 1996 jajajaja your late to the party...
Lizzy Rose
Lizzy Rose Bulan Yang lalu
Yo this shit was funny
TNJ Nation
TNJ Nation Bulan Yang lalu
Im 6'5 did it every time im going to go on a limb and say its all based in the strength of your hamstrings
B V Bulan Yang lalu
lying asss post a video or it’s a damn lie 🙂
MissAvier _
MissAvier _ Bulan Yang lalu
But womans hamstrings should be weaker than most men's even compared to body size
Jaden Kay
Jaden Kay Bulan Yang lalu
I tired to do this wit my boyfriend and he sat up like it was nothing. Made me feel kinda sad ...:/
B V Bulan Yang lalu
Jaden Kay sat up 😐
Blanca Graniela
Blanca Graniela Bulan Yang lalu
You need to put Crystal and Animal to the challenge.. Crystal’s bigger than Animal .. theory of a man being bigger than a woman crystals bigger than her husband lol🤣🤣🤣
Blanca Graniela
Blanca Graniela Bulan Yang lalu
I never new this is crazy..Yaa it looks easy woww😮😲
jessica loca
jessica loca Bulan Yang lalu
My husband did it in one try 😊
Anthony Sykes
Anthony Sykes Bulan Yang lalu
He has small feet.
Eazy November
Eazy November Bulan Yang lalu
jessica loca Only females should be able to do it
Mary C
Mary C Bulan Yang lalu
That's exactly what it is, I'm a woman 5'9 with a size 11 foot and I was locked I couldn't do it.
Cyn G
Cyn G Bulan Yang lalu
Bugoyi RTJ
Bugoyi RTJ Bulan Yang lalu
I think it’s tall/short type of thing... because if I remember this correctly from physics class, the center of gravity on a human body is at the umbilical cord, so the shorter you are the closer it is to the surface of the earth... tall people can’t do it women or men
Bugoyi RTJ
Bugoyi RTJ Bulan Yang lalu
🤔🤔 Okay.. I gotta check it again
MissAvier _
MissAvier _ Bulan Yang lalu
I'm not sure I just saw an 11 ish year old boy do it about the same height as his sister and slim but he couldn't do it
Rackell Scott
Rackell Scott Bulan Yang lalu
Corina Ortiz
Corina Ortiz Bulan Yang lalu
Diana Bulan Yang lalu
zully flores
zully flores Bulan Yang lalu
Priscilla Marie
Priscilla Marie Bulan Yang lalu
Lmao 😂 you guys crack me up 😂
Static Leo30
Static Leo30 Bulan Yang lalu
That was funny shane you look like you will Stuck in the wall like a magnet my brother and his wife did it his wife can do it but my brother can't LOL!!!!!
Carlos Vazquez
Carlos Vazquez Bulan Yang lalu
Team mutha fuckin Shane
Amber Gillette
Amber Gillette Bulan Yang lalu
I tried my boo couldnt do it..
SimplyJas143 Me
SimplyJas143 Me Bulan Yang lalu
Lmaooooo 😂😂😂
Badar Kamar
Badar Kamar Bulan Yang lalu
Love your compatibility between you both have. you both are such a nice couple you fight you love you pranking Enjoying each moment of life stay blessed stay happy stay with us♥️
Nicalous Patterson
Nicalous Patterson Bulan Yang lalu
Im trying to study lol
misty Castillo
misty Castillo Bulan Yang lalu
Looks easy I'm going to make my husband do it and see how it goes he has small feet size 8
Nathan Ford
Nathan Ford Bulan Yang lalu
My wife is 6 foot 2 she cant do it but I can lol
IG : Pedrosdt_
IG : Pedrosdt_ 23 hari yang lalu
Maybe you are the wife and her the husband 😂😂😂
frida boynes
frida boynes Bulan Yang lalu
He will get it
Crystal Lamboy
Crystal Lamboy Bulan Yang lalu
Daring Bulan Yang lalu
A fr effort lol