Descending the Ridge of Mount Everest, May 23 2019 

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It's a bit slow as far as action, but the views are amazing!! Good idea of how steep and difficult to pass.

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12 Jun 2019



Unduh video:

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ITCOG 2 bulan yang lalu
First of all I want to thank everyone who has watched, commented and Shared my IDvid Video. At the time of writing this there are 333,123 views. I have been asked by numerous people if they can post my video on various sites, I have received congratulatory remarks, questions and some not so nice or un-informed comments. I want to thank you all, It’s been fun! I have tried to respond to some comments, but I thought instead I would line out my thoughts in one comment. Everest is too crowded. It needs to be controlled. This comment is absolutely true. The mountains are getting crowded everywhere. Mont Blanc, The Matterhorn, The Grand Teton, Rainier, almost any mountain with a recognized name is experiencing record numbers of climbers. The Wasatch mountains here in Utah are sometimes referred to as ‘WasAngeles’ (referencing L.A.) because the backcountry ski terrain is so crowded. K2 has even seen climber numbers never imagined a decade ago. I think the best solution: we need to encourage people to stay home and watch and troll more and more hours of You Tube. That might be the answer, but I wouldn’t listen. If it was the law I would fight it with passion. I love the mountains and the outdoors and would hate to live in a world where my right to go into the mountains is dictated by someone in an office who doesn’t share my passion. The other conundrum is how and maybe why should we regulate. There are a lot of inexperienced people on the mountain, and inexperience is a problem. Experience however, should not be defined as most have suggested. One of the guys on my team had never been higher than Mt. Rainier (14,409 feet), the extent of his ‘mountaineering experience’. He is however an avid backcountry skier, he had climbed all the 14eeners in Colorado in a year, and he lived at a pretty high elevation. He did amazing on Everest. Stronger and more sure footed than many, and his technical understanding and ability was above even some of the Sherpa. He would not have been given a chance if the rule was; ‘previous high altitude experience’. I believed he would do great because I knew him and had previously climbed with him. Why should he be denied this experience? We gave him some extra help and security, but that’s my job! So, you may say ‘let the guide services regulate’. That’s kinda what’s going on now, but one of the biggest operators is also the most negligent in their client screening. This is proved by their record of deaths year after year on lot’s of mountains. This company is cheap and offers few extra’s. This is maybe the cheapest DIY companies on the mountain. This company is also Nepali owned. Many complexities there! But operators should be more responsible for deaths. That understood, I have been guiding for 20+ years and I think I am a great assessor and evaluator of my clients abilities and how much gas they have in the tank. But I still rely on what the client is telling me. I know all of my clients from Everest quite well personally, so I could gauge reality and perception to a level difficult to match by people of less familiar relationships. These are things you don’t get when you sign up with a big operator, especially one that comes from a different cultural background and who’s first language is different from your own. Even this rule has exceptions. Namgya, my good friend and the organizer of both of my Everest expeditions is one true exception… There are many other good exceptions to this presumption as well, but these cultural and language differences need to be understood as a factor for safety. Ironically 2019 was the first year every client was mandated to have a sherpa guide with them on summit day. We hired the best Sherpa we could, in fact many of the Sherpa who worked with my team were personal friends, whom I had climbed with previously. A couple of our Sherpa climbers had never been to Everest before though. They all had some experience, but there is a big difference between them and my trip sirdar Namgya. The same was the case with many teams on the mountain, we were putting a lot more people on the mountain, that weren’t completely necessary. If you watch the video you can see some of these Sherpa, most have the head band attached to their packs. They are not really helping the problem. this example is just another example of a good intention with a bad outcome. The Sherpa do all the work. They are the true heroes. Again true…The Sherpa culture in general is a hard working, kind, dedicated and happy people. A high percentage of Sherpa and Sherpani (women) are uniquely strong at altitude. They are well adapted for this work. Sherpa, again in general, are also a very proud people. They take a lot of pride in their job, and appreciate the work. The country of Nepal has an average per capita yearly income of less than $2000. Most Sherpa working on the mountain carrying loads and guiding are making 2,3 and in rare cases even 4 times that in 3 months of work. For many this is the main chunk of their yearly income. It’s dangerous work, but it has brought millions and millions of dollars to the region. Many Sherpa have done very well for themselves, as they deserve. I know quite a few Sherpa that because of Everest their children have the chance to attend school and greatly increase their future opportunities. I think very few Sherpa would want to return to subsistence farming, with no real way for their children to have other choices in life. Of course it’s a mixed blessing, but in general I think the good out weighs the bad. One issue that needs to be addressed is workers compensation and life insurance. This should be required and regulated. These people deserve to be taken care of to a level commensurate with the risk they take. If you want to help or find out more check out the Juniper foundation. It’s a great organization that helps families who’s loved ones died in the mountains while working. While the Juniper Fund is an awesome resource, it shouldn’t and can’t be left up to foundations and donations. Style and Cleanliness Everest as well as every other 8000 meter peak’s (as far as I know), first ascents were made with the assistance of Sherpa or other indigenous help and climbed using fixed ropes. Everest was first climbed with the assistance of oxygen. Those of you that are climbers, probably understand climbing ethics. One should always follow or better the ethics of the first ascent. Everest, as the highest mountain in the world will always be a sought after goal. We need to seek to clean up and preserve the mountain. If we abandoned fixed ropes on the two trade routes however, Everest would become an even more dangerous mess. Under the current system the ropes are put up and managed by one team. Of course every guide on the mountain should be checking the ropes as they climb and improving if necessary. Quality control however, is much better with only one team running the show. Having one team fix also cuts down on the number of ropes on the mountain, which unfortunately usually has a direct correlation to how many ropes are left on the mountain. No matter what the number ‘should’ be zero, but reality doesn’t always work out that way. The mountain needs to be cleaned up, but it’s tough. First off the earthquake of 2015 set clean up efforts way back. When the earthquake hit, whole camps; tents, food, pots, pans, stoves and fuel, were abandoned at camp II. The only option for people at camp II was to be flown out by helicopter. The helicopters were sorely needed elsewhere as the earth quake devastated many villages and even Kathmandu. Resources are few, and a clean up never happened. The earthquake cannot be blamed for all of the trash on the mountain. I know it sounds a bit harsh, but the Sherpa need to be motivated to clean it up. A lot of money goes into Nepal for Everest, Nepal needs to invest and regulate to solve the problem. There have been some notable expeditions to clean up the mountain, this year there was 24,000 lbs of garbage were hauled off the mountain by the Indian and Napali Armies. That trash was in addition to what the commercial expeditions brought down. Sherpa carrying loads up are required to carry a certain amount of trash back down. Not strictly regulated. I have seen Sherpa carrying trash down the mountain throw their own candy wrapper on the ground. I have spent a large chunk of my career guiding on Denali in Alaska and on Mount Vinson in Antarctica. Two of the cleanest iconic mountain in the world. Each mountain is different, but similar types of education and enforcement need to be put into place on Everest. Who am I? A little background on me, I am the owner, lead guide and operator of a small guide service called In The Company of Guides. I am an IFMGA/UIAGM Certified Guide and have guided mountains all over the world for the past 20 years, including all of the ‘Seven Summits’. My friend Namgya, whom I speak about has been a very close friend for nearly a decade. We worked together in Antarctica and in Nepal. His company is Grand Himilayan Treks and Expeditions. I know no one I would prefer on my side in the mountains than Namgya.
Jason Bean
Jason Bean 5 hari yang lalu
@Nikolai Skiba Looks like a go-pro that`s obvious. Plus it`s in 4K
Nikolai Skiba
Nikolai Skiba 10 hari yang lalu
ITCOG what camera did you use?
manslayer1972 18 hari yang lalu
You’re amazing. I wish you good luck in your endeavours. May you always be safe fella
Chad Conley
Chad Conley Bulan Yang lalu
ITCOG Wow , and I thought 42nd St. was packed with too many fucking tourists !
HenkeTooRaw Bulan Yang lalu
Thanks for the info this was a great read. The overcrowding on Everest is the biggest reason why it isn’t on my bucket list. Planning on researching more about your guide service for my future summit attempts! Keep spreading this knowledge ‼️
Bro it’s Me
Bro it’s Me 11 jam yang lalu
Y’all wanna see a dead body?
Clear Sky Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.
Wonderful job ... well done .... do subscribe us too
Eduardo Antonio Rodriguez Uzcategui
Heavy traffic in that point ..boy 😕
A 2 hari yang lalu
Everest has become a symbol of why humans suck! A rich person pays a Sherpa to carry their shit rather than pack their own load. They litter the landscape with trash and human waste. They walk by bodies of fellow hikers and it's an open conclusion that if you die on the mountain no one will help you. Its unattainable for the common man and its become a checklist item to validate someone's already shitty persona. You might think you've conquered the Earth, but you'd be wrong.
John Andrews
John Andrews 5 hari yang lalu
you think this is dangerous?...try walking to 7/11 after dark in my neighborhood...that takes real balls...stay safe out/up there
John Andrews
John Andrews 2 hari yang lalu
@「 alphrinx 」 Come visit me in Cicero, Chicago my friend and then if we survive we can go on a snow vacation like these brave badass dudes! lol MUCH RESPECT AND LOVE...PS bring your bullet proof vest
「 alphrinx 」
「 alphrinx 」 3 hari yang lalu
Like you don’t have any real air. Like you haven’t been on your feet for the past month. Like you aren’t on the verge of freezing. You walking to 7/11 may take some braveness; but it takes so much more to do this.
John Andrews
John Andrews 5 hari yang lalu
I pissed and shit myself just watching...what the fuck? WHY???? are they crazy?
Laura Laura
Laura Laura 5 hari yang lalu Goodness!
midi510 5 hari yang lalu
I can't understand why anyone would want to deal with all the bullshit to ascend Everest, when there are so many great mountains to climb in the world where you won't even see another person. One of the things I like best about getting out into the mountains, is that I can push myself to my limits without anyone getting in my way.
Faux Show
Faux Show 7 hari yang lalu
Even on the top of the world, still no curvature.
Jose Lima
Jose Lima 7 hari yang lalu
At 3:37 you can hear him say, "Dude I've never seen so many dead bodies." Everest is death
Jason Bean
Jason Bean 5 hari yang lalu
I wouldn`t do it. Screw that.
jennifer morgan
jennifer morgan 9 hari yang lalu
Charger Fan NY
Charger Fan NY 9 hari yang lalu
A path made and ropes fixed... like a walk in the park! I watched a documentary about the first summit. Those people were real climbers :).
Maureen Murphy
Maureen Murphy 9 hari yang lalu
Just watching this made me want to throw up. My God.
DC FAMILY 11 hari yang lalu
The people on this mountain is INSANE!! so dangerous
Andy_91 11 hari yang lalu
Gives one an idea of what it takes to live this heavenly view.
Rick J
Rick J 13 hari yang lalu
I could not believe how many were up there. How close was this to the summit? Amazing video!
Cucu Willow
Cucu Willow 13 hari yang lalu
Thank you for share of this video. It's absolutely amazing.
michael 13 hari yang lalu
Why can't they just run a cable car to the top...
Nicholas Lyman
Nicholas Lyman 14 hari yang lalu
Mountaineering past the dead bodies and traffic of Everest seems really inspirational, not. That's all ego driven, human's are pretty weird.
Ricky Franklin
Ricky Franklin 14 hari yang lalu
What an exceptional video. Thanks to everyone involved.
KAL PATEL 16 hari yang lalu
Thanks for the video. I have 0 knowledge of Mountain Hiking. I have a few questions. Who and how ties those ropes. Are they very firm? Are they anchored into the surface of the mountain? How strong are they? I see lots of people are going up and down at the same time. Are they strong enough to support all? What happens if you fall from that cliff? Is the rope is strong enough, so you can hang on the cliff because of the rope? Sorry for the stupid questions, but as I said I have no knowledge about it and I watch and like to see all these videos about mountain hiking. It scares me because I am afraid of heights. You guys are brave. I am even shaking in my chair. Bravo and salute to you guys. Can you please show the other side of the cliff also. So we can see how tough it is.
Nora 16 hari yang lalu
excellent job, but no thanks
123szogun 17 hari yang lalu
Nice film .Not piplle .not dzenks
Beyond the Blush
Beyond the Blush 17 hari yang lalu
Yeah that looks unfun 😬
Екатерина Салова
tell me what are the ropes attached to? I think they are not very reliable. are they tied to snow? Will they be able to withstand the fall of several people?
Braden White
Braden White 17 hari yang lalu
And my GoPro dies when it’s like 40 degrees out...
xxn0thing 18 hari yang lalu
Everest is a joke at this point, with all that traffic.
Bubba B
Bubba B 22 hari yang lalu
Insane. Where’s the escalators?
Nuno Pereira
Nuno Pereira 27 hari yang lalu
Luc Skywalkr
Luc Skywalkr Bulan Yang lalu
Wow what a mess that looks like no fun at all your taking your life in your own hands when dealing with passing people on a mountain in the death zone no thanks dude I’ll take a pass on this one
auto bacot
auto bacot Bulan Yang lalu
Jatuh meninggal
Javier Reyes
Javier Reyes Bulan Yang lalu
pretty amazing view!!! very cool...
Nawri Damha
Nawri Damha Bulan Yang lalu
Sahabat markicab mana nihh👍👍👍
Money Life
Money Life Bulan Yang lalu
Down with commercialized mountaineering!!!!
Dagg Gfandg
Dagg Gfandg Bulan Yang lalu
I'm missing audio, or subtitles. this a normal situation ? Or is it always crowded like this, no need to worry? I don't know anything about climbing, can't understand why people get up on a mountain, in the first place. ...So , some Information would help to understand. If it would'nt be so dangerous , and people would die trying. ...I would laugh about a fucking traffic jam on a mountain. .. Is this what people pay lots of money for? To get. ..? What in the end? Risking other peoples life, when they need to get saved, carried down the mountain. .... Big respect to all the climbers, that get to the summit and down, because they are able to..... They re strong, prepared and know what they're doing . All the others. .. rich, bored people , buying adventures , why not doing something, without risking somebody elses life. .?
Ayup Chuck
Ayup Chuck Bulan Yang lalu
Everest looking like a line for a theme park ride! Pretty shameful what’s happened to the mountain in recent years, it’s becoming a tourist deathtrap!
burrows10011 Bulan Yang lalu
is it just a free fall off to the right? And what are the ropes "anchored" too? Looks like snow to me. Can they really hold up a few 200 pound men? Incredible footage. What was the elevation there? Near the top?
Santosh Lama
Santosh Lama Bulan Yang lalu
God bless all of you .
Kerrie Kupar
Kerrie Kupar Bulan Yang lalu
Imagine the body count if this happened on Annapurna.
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