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Everest movie clips:
In the midst of a heavy ice storm, the team fights to rescue those left behind.
In this adventure docudrama set in 1996, several groups of professional climbers successfully scale Mount Everest only to be faced with tragedy when a monster storm surprises them as they attempt to make their descent. Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Jason Clarke, and John Hawkes co-star. Directed by Baltasar Kormakur (2 Guns).
TM & © Universal (2015)
Cast: Emily Watson, Sam Worthington, Josh Brolin
Director: Baltasar Kormkur
Producers: Tori Parry, Tim Bevan, Brian Oliver, George Furla, Liza Chasin, Randall Emmett, Brandt Andersen, Lauren Selig, Thomas Tull, Eric Fellner, Peter Mallouk, Mark Mallouk, Francesco Marras, Nicky Kentish Barnes, David Nichols, Tyler Thompson, Evan Hayes
Screenwriters: Mark Medoff, William Nicholson, Simon Beaufoy, Lem Dobbs
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4 Apr 2017



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Komentar 132   
lollunicorngirl _Roblox
lollunicorngirl _Roblox 28 hari yang lalu
At primary school we did this imaginary Everest summiteer interview and at one point the teacher said that she was watching a documentary about this and she said one guy was inexperienced and was at the point of having to have his rope cut and they had to make him fall to his death. That haunted me for the rest of the day...and at one point I imagined my own dog as the man....then I started crying in the middle of history class......
SC Lee
SC Lee Bulan Yang lalu
They paid a lot of money to died at there... what a tragic😰
Ozzie comedian
Ozzie comedian 2 bulan yang lalu
After the movie, he went to outer space to find a golden glove.
James Keefe
James Keefe 2 bulan yang lalu
James Keefe
James Keefe 2 bulan yang lalu
I watched it
Mixtape-Ninja音楽忍者 3 bulan yang lalu
Everyone: Let's go to Mnt. Everest! It will be awesome! Also everyone: *gets to everest* *Starts freezing to death* Me: You all call putting yourself at risk of death, "fun"?
erafaelf 3 bulan yang lalu
Yasuko was still alive... this is so sad. Beidleman said she even hold his arms before falling down again, and then he left her behind because he wanted to get help before he collapsed himself... the help came and left her behind a second time, even tho she was still breathing... makes me so sad...
OK CAMPIONE 6 bulan yang lalu
John Connor, Marcus Wright, thanos & misterio in the same movie! Good
Toby G
Toby G 2 bulan yang lalu
Don't forget Toshiko Sato, Ayesha, Gen. Antiope, Elizabeth Swann, Grimmson, Pvt. Carl Harris, and Hattie Shaw.
Theo Lauder
Theo Lauder 5 bulan yang lalu
Super awesomeness Super awesomeness
I haven’t seen this movie yet but I want to because I love sad movies but movies with shivering no thanks
Angel Daniel
Angel Daniel 7 bulan yang lalu
This worst nightmare of world!! I cannot imagine why they body are still there in mountain!!!!
Angel Daniel
Angel Daniel 6 bulan yang lalu
Idiot !!!
Angel Daniel
Angel Daniel 6 bulan yang lalu
@well as an expert I'd say is Mountain Everest
well as an expert I'd say
well as an expert I'd say 6 bulan yang lalu
They're not IN the mountain
TheBardeng 7 bulan yang lalu
Tell me how we can get them back. Even they're husbands, wives, family have said they don't want anyone to try to collect the bodies because of the risk. dumbass
vojtii 8 bulan yang lalu
Beck survived
Lone Star
Lone Star 8 bulan yang lalu
In the words of Mr Spock. "Perhaps "because it is there" is not sufficient reason for climbing a mountain."
Kev 19 hari yang lalu
The Truth yes that is true. Every time I climb I do know what I’m getting in to. It’s a risk vs reward analysis I make every time I decide to keep going forward. But it’s a fun game I like to play Edit: I do not look for validation from others, or to “move” others by climbing, it’s for my own enjoyment. I also do not find it shocking when I hear someone die in the climbing community, it’s just a possible outcome
The Truth
The Truth Bulan Yang lalu
@Kev I suppose. I guess it just doesnt seem shocking or moving when somebody dies playing games with death. Ya'll know what your getting into.
Kev Bulan Yang lalu
But it’s reason enough for some. Personally, I climb mountains because I love the view from being up high, with the added challenge and reward for climbing the mountain. Something not everyone can enjoy.
Terry Bardy
Terry Bardy 8 bulan yang lalu
The end of that clip where the older guy dis is so sad.
Matthew Bowles
Matthew Bowles 6 bulan yang lalu
He didn't die. He lost all of his fingers, half his right forearm, his nose and other parts of his face, but he didn't die.
Drew Murph
Drew Murph 8 bulan yang lalu
Sick hobby
This Guy
This Guy 8 bulan yang lalu
People putting their lives in danger to reach the top of a giant rock. Idiots. Go in the police force, become a firefighter. If you're to put your life in such jeopardy, actually try to do it doing something useful.
Linda Nicolausson
Linda Nicolausson Bulan Yang lalu
Derpyderp 8 bulan yang lalu
They knew the risks. On Everest the are certain points that if you cant walk yourself off then you are left to die. That saves the others dying with you.
Breezy bee
Breezy bee 9 bulan yang lalu
Roses are red Snow looks like cold glue Like if you cry By making this blue I V
Charles J.Guiteau
Charles J.Guiteau 9 bulan yang lalu
Omg I was like 9 when I saw this and I was remembering the guy who died taking his jacket offs death as goofy as I got it mixed up with a different thing and I feel so appalled
momoney89 L
momoney89 L 2 bulan yang lalu
Nothing goofy about your brain shutting down
Alone DragonH20
Alone DragonH20 10 bulan yang lalu
1:50 is that green boats?
amber lawson
amber lawson 5 bulan yang lalu
no green boots died a good bit before this dude
Rosa Reyes
Rosa Reyes 6 bulan yang lalu
@DreamerWeaver green boots died on the same year May 10th or 11th 1996 because of the blizzard also rob hall was doing his expedition on the same day
Matthew Bowles
Matthew Bowles 6 bulan yang lalu
@DreamerWeaver Green Boots died in this very disaster, to be specific.
DreamerWeaver 8 bulan yang lalu
"Green Boots" died in a cave that year.
_.Stolen memes and broken dreams._
Alone DragonH20 no its beck
Mike Person
Mike Person 10 bulan yang lalu
I feel both sympathetic and non sympathetic for them. It’s sad how they died but at the same time, they knew the odds of them surviving were low and did it anyway.
Bleeding Eye Watcher
Bleeding Eye Watcher 7 hari yang lalu
The odds of surviving weren’t low when the expedition began. They became low after a combination of bad decisions and bad weather.
Lightup Darkness
Lightup Darkness 10 bulan yang lalu
I watched this movie at least 50 times on a legal DVD
Kanal Erozegemen
Kanal Erozegemen 8 hari yang lalu
Lightup Darkness
Lightup Darkness 10 bulan yang lalu
Joe rogan everest" podcast guy talks about being up there in detail
TheWolverineX2 10 bulan yang lalu
Does anybody know what happened to Scott fisher in the movie
Matthew Bowles
Matthew Bowles 6 bulan yang lalu
He died from exposure in the storm. Coupled with exhaustion from climbing down to base camp and then back up to the summit essentially in the same day and illness. Anatoli Boukreev described his body as exhibiting signs of hypothermia, as he was partially undressed, before covering him and moving him from the path.
Oooscar.gaming 10 bulan yang lalu
Scott was found halfway between the balcony and camp IV (apparently he was about 1000ft away from camp IV) in the early hours of the morning, after the storm had left. Sherpas and anatoli boukreev tried to lauch a rescue attempt to save Scott but failed because even though the storm was gone the wind was still very strong and cold so they had to abandon the rescue. At around 6pm Anatoli went out and climbed to where scott was but came to the conclusion that he was dead. He most likely died at around 12-4pm on the 11th may 1996
Faded_. Rose
Faded_. Rose Tahun Yang lalu
When Harold slipped off while taking his clothes off...My mother and I screamed so much and then started crying after.
Hajra Jalil
Hajra Jalil 24 hari yang lalu
@MAST3RCHIEF 98 Most likely because he was suffering from paradoxical undressing, which is one of the final stages of hypothermia. When nerves are damaged beyond a point, people begin to feel insanely hot and thus do strange things like this.
MAST3RCHIEF 98 Bulan Yang lalu
I thought the horrible part about that was how cold it would've been up there and he felt like he was burning up. Cringed big time thinking he was gonna take his shirt off.
MC Ren
MC Ren 2 bulan yang lalu
You sound annoying
hollywoodshopaholic 5 bulan yang lalu
It was pretty scary for sure
Miss Dog Lover
Miss Dog Lover Tahun Yang lalu
I cried like a baby at the end of this movie and also Philadelphia 😪😪😪
Dawson Mai
Dawson Mai Tahun Yang lalu
Also the rescue team, really?!
leerobbo92 5 bulan yang lalu
That rescue team actually did rescue a bunch of climbers against the odds. The problem is that the usual rules of rescuing don't apply on Everest. If they're not moving, then you don't tend to them first (like you usually would), because you're almost certainly not getting them down. You get the ones who you can definitely save with the least effort first, otherwise you're putting other lives at risk.
Entrenched Mgtow
Entrenched Mgtow 11 bulan yang lalu
Sorry! No rescue coming!
Dawson Mai
Dawson Mai Tahun Yang lalu
That guy who took off his coat, he reached hypothermia
alexander hepner
alexander hepner 5 bulan yang lalu
alexander hepner
alexander hepner 5 bulan yang lalu
@Lucas R That was his first 8000er so he was not exactly a everest guide.
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs 6 bulan yang lalu
Paradoxical undressing
XxStuart96xX 6 bulan yang lalu
@Lucas R The whole point is he's no longer capable of 'knowing better'. He's not thinking rationally anymore.
Dawson Mai
Dawson Mai Tahun Yang lalu
My goal is to reach the seven summits
Mohamed Ashian
Mohamed Ashian 7 bulan yang lalu
KING BREAD thanks man
Lucas R
Lucas R 7 bulan yang lalu
Die before you reach the seven summits but ok good luck
Mohamed Ashian
Mohamed Ashian 7 bulan yang lalu
KING BREAD at least it’s better to die knowing you achieved something in your life
Lucas R
Lucas R 9 bulan yang lalu
You might die....
Miquel Arnau
Miquel Arnau Tahun Yang lalu
I’d prefer dying frozen in the mountain rather than dying after 3 or 4 months of chemo in a Hospital. At least they died chasing their dreams, and doing what the liked.
Matt Black
Matt Black 10 bulan yang lalu
I'd rather die from heroin overdose than all those- you go out feeling no pain but pleasure. I o'd from heroin and was found hours later organs shutting down. It was exactly like going to sleep and waking up.
Cryptidian Tahun Yang lalu
Freezing would be my preferred choice of death as well instead of burning alive, drowning or like you said being pumped with chemicals that slowly kill your body. When you're freezing you eventually just fall asleep and never wake up.
XxCart_ erz3217xX
XxCart_ erz3217xX Tahun Yang lalu
micky hoffman
micky hoffman Tahun Yang lalu
The guy in the beginning who falls as he is undressing, who is the person next to him?
The Comatose Gentile
The Comatose Gentile Tahun Yang lalu
C4mp3r01 Wow awesome man, that’s some really interesting info, ty!
SLFilms Tahun Yang lalu
C4mp3r01 I think I just read the book of Shakespeare, but I find it pretty sad that Andy died, because he tried to save Rob, but failed. If Rob hadn’t slept, than Andy would not have slipped off.
Scott Andersen
Scott Andersen Tahun Yang lalu
Harold is the one who falls
SLFilms Tahun Yang lalu
Probably Andy ‘Harold’ Harris
C4mp3r01 Tahun Yang lalu
yes it's Harold the reason he is undressing is because in the last stage of hypothermia you actually start to feel hot all of a sudden, scientists don't really know why, the most likely reason is that blood vessels become fatigued from the continuous constriction and dilate eventually and all that warm blood rushing back to parts of the body creates that feeling. check out the dyatlov incident where most of the bodies were found naked in the freezing weather
Boris Müller
Boris Müller Tahun Yang lalu
Yasuko’s death was super sad. She died all alone, so close to camp.
I'm gay and i love cookie
I'm gay and i love cookie 5 bulan yang lalu
But she successfully climb the 7 peaks.... Im proud of her even tho im not japanese 😭
ashdonnorrad140141 Tahun Yang lalu
0:57 welcome to the stripping club
Smack Score
Smack Score 10 bulan yang lalu
This is based off real events. It’s not funny to joke about someone’s death
SKY FIRE Tahun Yang lalu
He died as a legend
Obi Tahun Yang lalu
He survived
SKY FIRE Tahun Yang lalu
I don't say it because of my username
Anton 0161
Anton 0161 2 tahun yang lalu
Is that Andy harris who jumped from that ledge
DreamerWeaver 8 bulan yang lalu
@SLFilms from what ive read, there were tanks of oxygen but the tubing was frozen shut.
Edward Spreen
Edward Spreen 8 bulan yang lalu
Yes, he died.
BBQ Nut Tahun Yang lalu
@B G What you said!
SLFilms Tahun Yang lalu
Thanks man! But he believed there were only empty tanks near the southeast ridge, but there were actually 2 full ones, that's why people believed he was hypoxic.
B G Tahun Yang lalu
Small correction, but hypoxia is a deprivation of oxygen down at the cellular level, potentially leading to various serious medical conditions at that altitude. It's theorized that Andy was suffering from one of those conditions. The reason, however, he would take off his jacket would be hypothermia. It's called "paradoxical undressing" and is seen in the final stages of hypothermia.
R.A.M Gaming
R.A.M Gaming 2 tahun yang lalu
At 1:50 i thought beck was gonna die but he survived
Markus Nashorn
Markus Nashorn Tahun Yang lalu
Maybe he would have been in a better shape if they didn't think he would die twice!
Alyssa Darbonne
Alyssa Darbonne 2 tahun yang lalu
1:50 my heart broke
R.A.M Gaming
R.A.M Gaming 7 bulan yang lalu
@Bruce Wayne lol he plays thanos
katie Tahun Yang lalu
Jasmine Silentstone i cries during this part omg
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 2 tahun yang lalu
Jasmine Silentstone u just don’t leave thanos to die
Tony Luo
Tony Luo 2 tahun yang lalu
before 1st
Alissa Airlines
Alissa Airlines 2 tahun yang lalu
This is soooooooo sad but omg why would anyone want to risk their lives and climb this dangerous ass mountain???
Espi 2 bulan yang lalu
It's what human beings do.
Chloé 5 bulan yang lalu
An ego trip, to be able to say,"I DID IT!". And yall know it's true! Climbing Everest is highly unethical nowadays for many reasons! Enough said!
Kolonji Murray
Kolonji Murray 6 bulan yang lalu
Alissa Airlines k2 isnt s the the most difficult it’s kedjunga misspelled it yes I know but yea k2 is the 3rd most difficult
Thiyagarajan s
Thiyagarajan s 6 bulan yang lalu
Watch ur words lady.. The mountain is located in Nepal. So I guess u r a foreigner.. How would u feel if we call ur country with the same names..
The Third Party
The Third Party 2 tahun yang lalu
Maroon 5 - Memories (Lyrics)
Everest 2007 Full Movie