EVEREST - The mountain that changed my life | Documentary Summit 2019 | 

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A documentary based on the Youngest mountaineer of Kashmir to reach EVEREST. How he had to abandon his dream when he was just few hundred meters away from conquering it SUMMIT 2019
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24 Jun 2019



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Gio Axe
Gio Axe 43 menit yang lalu
Feel bad for those bodies in everest. #EverRest in peace
Juntus89 2 jam yang lalu
Guys got a natural puppy filter on; HUGE EYES
Prabhat Kumar
Prabhat Kumar 11 jam yang lalu
Good decision bro.
1977TA 13 jam yang lalu
Everest is an open graveyard. Frozen bodies scattered around as warnings to others not to attempt climbing the mountain yet people continue to waste money on what is potentially a suicide journey. You have to be out of your mind to risk your life in such a fool hearty way. You get nothing from reaching the summit other than pictures/video and bragging rights to say you did it. After that what is it all worth? If you got paid 7 million dollars for reaching the summit I would understand and that would certainly make it worth the risk. Just doing it for recreation is stupid in my opinion. You are lucky to be alive sir. Take my advice and don't try it again. You might not be so luck next time.
Imad 13 jam yang lalu
Thanks bro ,right. Life is first .. do subscribe to ma channel
Jim DeLong
Jim DeLong 15 jam yang lalu
Did he say he was only 18? Wise beyond his years, great video!
Deepen Gourung
Deepen Gourung 15 jam yang lalu
Great Courage Brother..... Great discussion. Everest means life or death. Don't turn down better luck next time. We are happy to see you back.
Imad 13 jam yang lalu
Thanks do subscribe bro
Don Morckel
Don Morckel 16 jam yang lalu
Very articulate and mature ! Very wise and profound message here ! There is approximately 300 bodies of people who did not realize this reality , that are now landmarks . BLESS THEM AMEN!
Vivek Pandey
Vivek Pandey 19 jam yang lalu
No free Kashmir Kashmir belongs to India . Thanku for the video.
Imad 19 jam yang lalu
Who is talking about Kashmir in this video
sudarsaf shrestha
sudarsaf shrestha 20 jam yang lalu
I really cheer up for ur achievement,, its amazing,, Good luck for the next successful summit. Welcome to Nepal.
Imad 20 jam yang lalu
Do subscribe to my channel and share it with your channel is the most underrated
Laxmi Limbu
Laxmi Limbu 22 jam yang lalu
Great decision 👍 hope one day u will fulfill ur dream😊😊
Sabu Maharjan
Sabu Maharjan Hari Yang lalu
Lots of love from 🇳🇵
Sam s
Sam s Hari Yang lalu
My friend, what you have achieved here is nothing short of greatness, the video itself was exhausting to watch, this is a remarkable achievement and happy for you. Yes just a random guy but I felt I needed to tell u this. I can understand how much ur body wud have wanted to give up but you kept going as much as you could and you made the right decision at the right time of course with the legendary sherpas advice. I can see that this has been Fantastic experience for you... genius is all about knowing when to stop. Kudos to you and you have earned another subscriber.
Mariam S
Mariam S 2 hari yang lalu
Please help here If people know they might die and there is high chances of death Why do they still go? They don’t love the life or what
r laze
r laze 7 jam yang lalu
Why do you drive a car? It is incredibly dangerous to drive and ride in cars yet people do it constantly
rahul chosala
rahul chosala 2 hari yang lalu
this man can now die peacefully
Philipp 2 hari yang lalu
3:53 a "mountain climber" with fear of heights? Strange thing...he stepped on a ladder for the first time in his life! Many fixed rope routes have ladders...maybe not in Kashmir!
Philipp 2 hari yang lalu
...height ist the only "real" difficulty on Everest. Provided through ladders and fixed ropes by the Sherpas, the climbing is much more easier than on K2 or Nanga Parbat for instance. So the only thing to overcome on Everest is the lack of oxygen, the cold ... and of course the expenses of the expedition!
Terhits channel
Terhits channel 3 hari yang lalu
Kaga ngerti aku 😂
rudy fathur
rudy fathur 3 hari yang lalu
Cek my video
Subhadip Bera
Subhadip Bera 3 hari yang lalu
Well done man.... Cheer up for next time Nd waiting for your next video
FD 4 hari yang lalu
“Literally the first time I climbed a ladder in my life” and you think Everest is the best place to learn how to use a ladder? I mean, you know there’ll be crevasses with 5000+ foot drop in the Ice Fall. Come on, you’re a hazard to yourself and others
Giedrius At.
Giedrius At. 2 hari yang lalu
This is a very good point. Multiple helicopter flights.. but ladders in the way.. That's no good, I suppose. Such a training isn't cheap. What a rush.. But I give a credit for the video - it does look nice
Gabe Borges
Gabe Borges 4 hari yang lalu
Why does he sound like he’s reading what he is saying
Indranil Das
Indranil Das 4 hari yang lalu
You have to do it again....
Akshay Aswal
Akshay Aswal 4 hari yang lalu
This is the real motivation i needed 😍🤗
Woopwoop2 R.
Woopwoop2 R. 4 hari yang lalu
You made the best decision in your life!!! Much respect to you young man!!🙏🏼 namaste
DocR Kat
DocR Kat 4 hari yang lalu
I like it how he writes Kashmir instead of india ...that is funny because he must have written indian in all his official paperwork and here he is writing kashmiri ...well some people are shameful
anil dharwal
anil dharwal 4 hari yang lalu
Amazing bro. Salute 😍
Sasha Ndlovu
Sasha Ndlovu 4 hari yang lalu
Scared the whole time
biggrex 5 hari yang lalu
I'm not hiking a mountain that requires oxygen tanks!
Roman Schopfer
Roman Schopfer 5 hari yang lalu
You may be a Climber, but... WTF makes you think you can climb the Summit of The Everest?! This is not a 2000m Jollymountain or something like that. its an 8.900m Beast. My Father is a Professional Mountain Ranger, climbing 5 8000ers including Everest and even He, in his Top Form and highest Peak of Life as a Climber needed 3 attemts. This is not about broken Oxygenmask parts. You are one of these who are naive and getting killed because they can`t get it in their Head that you will never be enough in Form to Climb Peaks like these. Don`t want do be offensive, but for Gods sake, let this 7 and 8000ers be a Professional thing. Just Paying 120000 Dollars to GET shoved up this Mountain is not only risking your Life. Cheers
Roman Schopfer
Roman Schopfer 5 hari yang lalu
@Imad Its just dumb, naive and egoistic.
Imad 5 hari yang lalu
If you have 50 thousand dollars ,will make you summit Everest. .any sherpa would do that for u ,so
Farishta Hakim
Farishta Hakim 5 hari yang lalu
Do not enter the Everest with an Ego or you won’t return. This man did not have a drop of ego in him.
qeull 5 hari yang lalu
This guy has the right spirit. He found good things from a journey not just the end of it. Hope he realises his dream one day. He found good from what many others would deem as failure. True wealth is what the mountain lets you take with you, including your life. BTW, not a good idea to breath into your down mat, moisture equals cold, think someone might have told him this. But Everest seems to be a place for the really selfish nowadays.
Shekhar Roy
Shekhar Roy 5 hari yang lalu
Listen u bastard......Kashmir is integral part of go and fuck yourself with your impotent brain washed people don't deserve to be in pack your luggage and move back to Pak...Bsdkk
spiros.traveller 5 hari yang lalu
narak leduop
narak leduop 5 hari yang lalu
I have a huge respect for the ones that dare to climb the highest mountain on earth.
rmzidann 6 hari yang lalu
Dude, you should taken a clonazepam... the rest would have been fine. You had an anxiety attack up there. No biggie... happens to most of us. 😉
Leah Fletcher
Leah Fletcher 2 hari yang lalu
She Gameplays
She Gameplays 6 hari yang lalu
Jesus loves you
franklin ayala
franklin ayala 6 hari yang lalu
You history sack I be here with out oxigen.
New Creator
New Creator 6 hari yang lalu
কাকু ঠিক কথা বলেছেন..
rohan ricebro
rohan ricebro 6 hari yang lalu
Nepal ho ni
An Thrax
An Thrax 6 hari yang lalu
Show ur face less , show scenery more , dumbass faced
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