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We check out the music video for "Lotto" by EXO. What did we think about it? Check out our reactions and let us know what you thought in the comments!
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Great project. Worth a check out. You will find songs you like.
The project is ok. Maybe more for the current fans. Not much replay value.
Do not waste your valuable time with this. Nothing redeemable about this project.

Thank you to everyone who listens weekly.


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23 Jan 2020



Unduh video:

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We Are one
We Are one 12 hari yang lalu
Please reaction exo obsession 🙏🏻✍🏻
toaster19_3 12 hari yang lalu
i personally think this video is kinda funny (the cash sound at the same time as the hip-thrust... a bit on the nose but understandable), and with the gift of hindsight the song too, but tbh after Wolf i am a different person and have lost touch with what a perspective without that experience would be like
Samantha Ramesh
Samantha Ramesh 14 hari yang lalu
My favorite exo song is promise
Samantha Ramesh
Samantha Ramesh 14 hari yang lalu
Rita Rita
Rita Rita 15 hari yang lalu
Fatima فطوم
Fatima فطوم 17 hari yang lalu
Exo is one Exo is my favorite 😭❤❤
Chen's wife Exo-l
Chen's wife Exo-l 21 hari yang lalu
Hi please react to exo , drop that , Diamond , power ,coming over in Seoul ..
EdMinn~DBSK~EXO 21 hari yang lalu
Please react to EXO kokobop mv and live performance..thank you in advance 💚
tracy chan
tracy chan 21 hari yang lalu
My Kings EXO 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
Senku 22 hari yang lalu
react to exo yayaya please!!!!!!!
Ani Nur
Ani Nur 22 hari yang lalu
Please react exo live performance
Lalita Lovefocus
Lalita Lovefocus 22 hari yang lalu
It's too short to react for one song 😊😊😊 may be you'd react to 2-3 song in one clip ☺️☺️☺️ i love exo 💓💓💓hope you 'd react to them moreeeeeeee....😍😍😍
Niva 27
Niva 27 22 hari yang lalu
Yey Please react exo again😅 I love your reaction 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
kim 072486
kim 072486 22 hari yang lalu
One of my Favorite EXO song😘
kim 072486
kim 072486 22 hari yang lalu
Kai is injury that time that's why no dancing kai there and even on promote
Do Kassi
Do Kassi 22 hari yang lalu
Exo is better than Shinee btw
baekholi 22 hari yang lalu
I’d love to see y’all react to s.m the ballad: Hot times cause i KNOW y’all would love them vocals like fr 😭🙏
Yane Chelsea
Yane Chelsea 22 hari yang lalu
lol EXO always doing things over the TOP but as always we enjoy it haha
Bæ Eunsang
Bæ Eunsang 22 hari yang lalu
React to Lee Jin Hyuk 'I like that' pleaseeee! 🙏🙏🙏
Natalia Reynoso
Natalia Reynoso 22 hari yang lalu
Please react to stray kids n/s street ver. It’s supper funny
blissfulrain 23 hari yang lalu
She wasn't betraying them. D.O., Kai, Xiumin, Chen, and Baekhyun have infiltrated an underground gambling (and if the people in cages is anything to go by himan trafficking) ring. If you watch you can see D.O. filming what's going on. Chanyeol, Lay, Sehun, and Suho come in later to help take down the ring and rescue the girl. Suho burns the ring's money. Kai confronts the ring leader when he tries to escape in his car and ties him up to a beam before setting off a flare. Chanyeol rescues the girl and tries to get her out amidst all the fighting. In the end Exo are arrested along with the actual criminals. As he's being arrested Chanyeol slips the video D.O. recorded to the girl as the cops lead her away.
She's Dreaming
She's Dreaming 23 hari yang lalu
Some people don't like this song because of the auto-tune but I love it!! It's one of my most played songs from them. Thank you for this, please react to more EXO!
H LK 23 hari yang lalu
one of my favorite exo songs. They had a string of songs that just didn't really groove with me, but this one was fire.
Devoured by Hallyu
Devoured by Hallyu 23 hari yang lalu
React to more EXO please
yummiwatch 23 hari yang lalu
i generally don't like autotune, but as a stylistic choice it can often fit the song very well. this is one of those. i esp don't mind it when it's by singers who are well known, or i know them, for their vocal abilities.
Aaron Joseph De Leon
Aaron Joseph De Leon 22 hari yang lalu
True. I agree. There wasn't autotune on their live performances tho.
dami goldsmith
dami goldsmith 23 hari yang lalu
Please can you react to empire by wengie ft minnie from g(idle)
Alina Dobrincu
Alina Dobrincu 23 hari yang lalu
Finally.... EXO! Thank you so much! Please, please, more EXO reactions.
majideuzai22 23 hari yang lalu
Please react to Zico - Any Song
gabrielle cham
gabrielle cham 23 hari yang lalu
Please react to kokobop - EXO
Nabilla Putri Syaharani
Nabilla Putri Syaharani 23 hari yang lalu
Thanks for react to EXO❣and next please react to exo live Concert in japan Drop That + Keep on dancing + Run +Run this is so very hype good high note and voice💓🤗
Ahiles Ahilesov
Ahiles Ahilesov 23 hari yang lalu
React kokobob
Ledah Coda
Ledah Coda 23 hari yang lalu
Dr Breezy
Dr Breezy 23 hari yang lalu
“I think it’s against the law the burn money.” “To burn money?!” “It should be” 😂
Stan Yeh Shuhua
Stan Yeh Shuhua 23 hari yang lalu
Yo guys how about u check out some block b :)
Blueberry Berry
Blueberry Berry 23 hari yang lalu
Lotto is so underrated. I'm glad you guys reacted to it 😭 I hope you can try this next Exo's Lay - Give Me a Chance MV. Thank you in advance 💕
majideuzai22 23 hari yang lalu
Destroying legal tender is indeed illegal. Only the government can dispose of money. It's not money at the end, she's slipping them the Key, the cops are treating her like a victim but she is on the boy's side. Thank you for reacting!!
ckingking2003 23 hari yang lalu
Great reaction, I think both the Monster and Lotto are one story line. At the start of Monster you see the same shots yet it's less hectic. EXO already has scars from fighting. At the start of Lotto they are in street clothes not uniforms. In Lotto D.O was on top of the cage filming people. While during Monster D.O. was sitting on a stack of cameras. The stories were presented in the reverse order. Lotto was the prequel to Monster.That's my opinion.
Milinda Wilson
Milinda Wilson 23 hari yang lalu
If you ever watch a video where EXO performs "Lotto" live for a TV broadcast, you might notice that they change the title of the song to "Louder" and the lyrics are changed to use the word louder instead of lotto as well. Gambling is frowned upon in Korean culture and its one of those things that are band from mainstream media. So in order to make the song TV- and radio-friendly they had to change everything to "Louder." It definitely wasn't money that the girl took. If you pay attention to the lyrics, one of the English lines is, "I don't need no money." That is why they burn the huge stack of cash. Most theories agree that what EXO are collecting are flowers. There is an overwhelming use of flowers in many of their MVs, and as you see in "Love Shot," for example, they aren't collecting money but flowers. And in "Hey Mama" and Blooming Day" and "Love Me Right" , etc. you see them with flowers. I'm not real clear how "Monster" and "Lotto" tie into EXOs larger storyline. But I am almost positive, that "Lotto" is the prequel to "Monster." So if you pay attention I think the story starts out in "Lotto" where the members have somehow infiltrated this big gambling ring and are maybe sort of undercover as they work to uncover a clue or something they need in order to accomplish their tasks here on Earth. I think the underground gambling establishment is run by a gang of bad guys -- probably members of the Red Force. "Lotto" is where we are introduced to a girl who is being held captive. And ultimately, I think what EXO are trying to do is rescue the girl from the Red Forces or the bad guys, but they are trying to do it without blowing their cover or being found out. So that's why you see in "Lotto" and continued in "Monster" the members are fighting against the FBI or police because the police have come to take down the gambling ring and rescue the girl, which is also what EXO are trying to do. For some reason the members of EXO don't want to be discovered so they play along as if they are part of the bad guys. But in the end, as you see in "Monster," Baekhyun disguises himself as one of the police and helps the other members escape before they are taken to jail and/or are captured by the Red Forces, etc. My theory is the girl is somehow connected to their quest to find and protect the Tree of Life and that is why at the end of "Lotto" you see the girl secretly take something from his hand (whether it be a note, a cassette tape, a video or something else) to somehow help them in their quest. Some fan theories say it might be a video or voice recording that could be used as evidence to help take down the Red Force. Some say the "girl" that EXO is always singing about and you sometimes see in their MVs is a manifestation of the heart of the Tree of Life and that is why the members are always rescuing or protecting the girl, etc. And why all their songs are about being in love with a girl or being controlled by the power of the girl, such as in "Overdose" for example. Or how they talk about knowing they are bad news for the girl but they want her anyway and they can't help it, but in the end they know they might destroy her -- as they say in "Monster," etc. etc. When you think of the girl as the heart of the Tree of Life the mystery begins to unfold even more. As you can see all of the stories in EXO's MVs are connected. All of EXO's MVs and storylines from everything EXO has ever been involved in are connected, including EXO's sub-unit MVs and many of the members' solo MVs, as well as SuperM's MVs, and it all tells a little more of EXO's story. We just have to pay close attention to every detail and put the pieces together. EXO's MVs are all like one continues drama or mystery. You will never understand anything about EXO's MVs until you first understand EXO's origin story. As with everything EXO does, you have to keep in mind that the whole concept of the group is that they are supposed to be aliens from Planet Exo and they came to Earth on a mission. Unfortunately, to make it even more difficult to understand, each part of the story is not necessarily in chronological order, so we as EXO-L have to become detectives and analyze every aspect of all of their teasers, MVs, song lyrics, albums, choreography, concert VCRs and even live performances and piece it all together to understand the story behind it all. To help you pinpoint the powers being used in their MVs and live performances here is a list of the members and what their special power is. EXO-K 💦 Suho (Kim JunMyeo) is the leader of the group and he is a lead vocalist -- his power is the ability to control water (Fun fact: Suho in Korean means guardian, as in the guardian of EXO. That's why as the leader of EXO, his stage name is Suho) 💡Baekhyun is a main vocalist and his superpower is the ability to control light 🔥Chanyeol is the main rapper and lead vocalist -- his power is the ability to control fire and his spirit animal is the phoenix. 🌏D.O. (Do KyungSoo) is a main vocalist and his power is the ability to control earth (dirt) which gives him strength/force ☄Kai (Kim JongIn) is a main dancer, lead vocalist and sub-rapper and his power is teleportation (Kai in Korean means door or gateway, so his stage name is supposed to foreshadow his role within EXO's storyline.) 🌪Sehun is the youngest member of the group and he is a lead rapper, lead dancer and a vocalist -- his power is the ability to control wind EXO-M ❄Xiumin (Kim MinSeok) is the oldest member of the group and he is a lead vocalist and lead rapper and his power is the ability to control snow/ice (frost) 🦄 Lay (Zhang Yixing) is the Chinese member of the group, he is a main dancer, lead vocalist and rapper -- his power is the ability to heal anything. 🌩 Chen (Kim JongDae) is a main vocalist and his power is the ability to control thunder/lightning/electricity (As you can see, Xiumin and Chen were given stage names that sounded more Chinese so they would fit in better in EXO-M because they are the Korean members of the Chinese group) The Chinese members who were not in this MV because at this point they had already left the group (but its important to take note of their role in the group, so if you watch any of their older MVs and performances, you will be able to follow what is happening more easily): 🐉 Kris was the leader of EXO-M he was a main rapper and vocalist -- his power was the ability to fly and his spirit animal was a dragon 💭 Luhan was a main vocalist and his power was telekinesis (The ability to control things with his mind) ⏰Tao (Z.Tao) was a lead rapper and vocalist and the martial artist of the group, so he did the flips and stunts in the group's routines. His power was the ability to controlling time
blexicana2 _
blexicana2 _ 23 hari yang lalu
I would love to see reactions to b-sides where they attack with the harmonies. EXO FALL. EXO-CBX THURSDAY. DYNAMIC DUO + CHEN YOU. CHANYEOL + PUNCH GO AWAY. EXO FOREVER. oh there's so many when you get past the title tracks.
L L 23 hari yang lalu
Please react to What Is Love by EXO. It's a music video that was released before their debut
exol h
exol h 23 hari yang lalu
EXO ❤❤❤
Onew's Falsetto
Onew's Falsetto 23 hari yang lalu
lol, wasnt me.. it was street noise
StreetNoise 23 hari yang lalu
lololol yup, i'm definitely an all hail discordia person (so is octobre!)
Oliver Hughes
Oliver Hughes 23 hari yang lalu
This song got censored/banned by broadcasters in Korea because of its title - references to gambling are against the law. If you watch music show etc performances of it they sing 'Louder' instead. But I prefer to think they just couldn't handle the aggressiveness of the body rolling.
Gabriela Stefan
Gabriela Stefan 18 hari yang lalu
Whoaa didn't know that, ty!! 😊
Oliver Hughes
Oliver Hughes 22 hari yang lalu
@Syera Aisya what? Did you read who wrote what comment and who you are replying to?
Syera Aisya
Syera Aisya 22 hari yang lalu
Oliver Hughes she/he wasnt talking About kokobop but Lotto, gambling isnt allowed in South Korea, and of course any kind of promotional event/music isnt allowed- irony South Korea released lots of gambling based film such Tazza (Which literally mean The GOD of gambling-One who good at poker)
Oliver Hughes
Oliver Hughes 22 hari yang lalu
@Charlie Ah ok, banned in 'certain countries' is true for loads of videos for all kinds of things because of whatever bizarre laws might exist. China especially bans a lot of things. It wasn't banned or censored in Korea, which is what I was referring to about Lotto.
Charlie 22 hari yang lalu
Oliver Hughes suho said it in their kkb comeback vlive. the MV is rated 17+ and it’s banned in certain suho is my source...
Natalia H
Natalia H 23 hari yang lalu
At first I lowkey hated this because of the autotune, but with EXO you know it's a stylistic matter, they don't need it. In fact, the lives sound great. I love it now. Thanks for the financial advice! 😂
ShinyBusterBaby 23 hari yang lalu
Fun fact 1: Kai had an injured leg with filming this, which is why you never see him dancing. Lay and Sehun doubled up for the dance break! Fun fact 2: When you look at the part where Suho gets busted by SWAT you can see one of the swing his baton at Suho, butcher was a huge gap of space in between them.
Rolly Polly
Rolly Polly 23 hari yang lalu
Please React to Jiyeon never Ever Tara sugar free pleaseeee
Tiaunna Rosemond
Tiaunna Rosemond 23 hari yang lalu
Yess. I’ve watched the live stage to this song so many times lol.
Mouâd Serhane
Mouâd Serhane 23 hari yang lalu
some Exo-l please tell me, is the end of the video supposed to be the start of monster or is it unrelated ?
Gaeia Rin Satoh
Gaeia Rin Satoh 22 hari yang lalu
it's in the storyline. it was in a way showing a corrupted EXO that has been on earth for too long. they started indulging in human behavior
yummiwatch 23 hari yang lalu
@Mrs Grimes I need that book!
Mrs Grimes
Mrs Grimes 23 hari yang lalu
You can only make theories and wait till 2024 (in case they are really releasing the book)
Galadriel of Lorien
Galadriel of Lorien 23 hari yang lalu
With EXO' storylines it's difficult to tell if mvs are related or not, we only know they're all related to their superpowers/tree of life/Red force story. But I will tell you another interesting fact: it's been heavily hypothesised that the storyline in the mv is in reverse. The girl betrays them, so they come back for her and feed her to the wolves.
Filsan Houssein
Filsan Houssein 23 hari yang lalu
If you guys liked the whole 180 twist at the end you should definitely see bap oneshot
Bianca Briones
Bianca Briones 21 hari yang lalu
Jenn Matsuoka
Jenn Matsuoka 23 hari yang lalu
Yes, yes yes
audra_smiley_productions 23 hari yang lalu
kai is god
kai is god 24 hari yang lalu
exo = talent 🌟
MsKilala 24 hari yang lalu
I always thought she touched Chanyeols hand for helping her escape. It looked like the hand was in handcuffs One of the mv's I still regularly watch. OT9 😭😭😭 thanks for the reaction
Lys Leilla
Lys Leilla 24 hari yang lalu
Plz keep doing *"EXO"* so plz react to *"Kokobop" "Love me right" "Growl" "Lucky one"* , merci
daeoable 23 hari yang lalu
They’ve reacted to some of those on Patreon, live stages
SledgeHunter 23 hari yang lalu
El Dorado too
امجاد 24 hari yang lalu
I love this song
Jimins_thighs_are_ everything
She wasn’t taking their money but taking the video that D.O. filmed. My theory for the vid is that they infiltrated a gambling den to save the girl. They burned the money but were arrested. The girl had all the evidence. I love this song even though the auto-tune was so strong. Exo are vocal powerhouses, so they don’t need it but it fit this song. Thanks for the review.
Jimins_thighs_are_ everything
Say What Reacts I only speak the truth! 😃👍🏾 Thanks!
Say What Reacts
Say What Reacts 23 hari yang lalu
Jimins_thighs_are_ everything Exactly the comment I was looking for! Thank you for explaining it to them. 😊 And your user name is soooo true! 😜❤️💜
Xdrfghhutrdcfe Fftgg
Xdrfghhutrdcfe Fftgg 24 hari yang lalu
Reaction more exo live pliz
daeoable 23 hari yang lalu
Xdrfghhutrdcfe Fftgg there’s a lot up on their patreon!
L-1485 24 hari yang lalu
Exo Lucky One please ! I always enjoy your reactions to Exo, there are a few you guys haven't done yet ^^ Thanks a lot
L-1485 23 hari yang lalu
daeoable oh thank you ! I didn't know ^^
daeoable 23 hari yang lalu
It was exo week last week on patreon last week, so there’s a live stage reaction there :)
Trafalgar D. Rukia
Trafalgar D. Rukia 24 hari yang lalu
I hope you can React next to Kokobop
Monsta Reaction
Monsta Reaction 24 hari yang lalu
Exo Lotte Music video I really enjoyed even though so people don't like autotune but it works for certain track's and music videos
Galadriel of Lorien
Galadriel of Lorien 24 hari yang lalu
This is one out of maybe two or three heavily autotuned songs that I'll willingly listen to, and it's probably because EXO are known as the vocal powerhouse, so autotune in this song is very obviously a stylistic choice. I guess I always find it fascinating that this is an actual EXO song.
Mia Rose
Mia Rose 22 hari yang lalu
Galadriel of Lorien I agree
Mrs Grimes
Mrs Grimes 24 hari yang lalu
Autotune is used as a stylistic choice in almost all songs. You should be more openminded.
Nikolai Quack
Nikolai Quack 24 hari yang lalu
That's a case with a lot of clearly autotuned Kpop songs, though. At least the once I've heard.
Caroline Gomes
Caroline Gomes 24 hari yang lalu
Please react to lucky one, it's one of exo's old songs !!!
daeoable 23 hari yang lalu
Caroline Gomes they reacted to a live stage on patreon during exo week:)