EXO 's clones are here to take over the kpop industry 

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they are here and they are ready to take over
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english subs from lunarkjd tweets
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6 Des 2019



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yep4andy Bulan Yang lalu
the entire kpop industry is shaking
Koda Kisa
Koda Kisa Bulan Yang lalu
@yep4andy you're welcome 😊I am just doing something good before it ended up even bigger mess. And sorry for not seeing that you replied. Love all your videos ❤
Helshing Blue
Helshing Blue Bulan Yang lalu
With just only six of them....
yep4andy Bulan Yang lalu
@Koda Kisa just noticed the mess that was happening here, deleted everything, thanks for letting me know 💕
Koda Kisa
Koda Kisa Bulan Yang lalu
Please Andy ingore these comments. You were only making a joke and some people are pressed about it
Владислав Котовод
Exo: *acting like usual* X-Exo: Save us
C Y 9 hari yang lalu
0:00 baek make exo sign 😂
Samantha Jaski
Samantha Jaski 12 hari yang lalu
The audio at the end tricked me lol I had headphones in and I thought my stepdad was farting for a good 10 seconds 😂😂
Aadilah Abrahams
Aadilah Abrahams 14 hari yang lalu
X-EXO acting all badass cause Kyungsoo ain't around 😂
Thyessa 14 hari yang lalu
There is no way to look into Chänyeøl's eyes for a long time
A Sandra
A Sandra 17 hari yang lalu
Lea Cruz
Lea Cruz 18 hari yang lalu
Lol i clicked because of the drama of chanbaek and kai i was a little disappointed because there were no moments 🤣😂🤔 but still funny!
Chanyeol'ün Gözlüğü
Chanyeol'ün Gözlüğü 20 hari yang lalu
1:13 Hhahah i don't think so
Dahyun Destiny
Dahyun Destiny 25 hari yang lalu
Dahyun Destiny
Dahyun Destiny 25 hari yang lalu
J R Bulan Yang lalu
اكسوالز روحو صوتو لاكسو بسرررعه احنا متصدرين بس الفاندومات مجتمعين علينا ورح يسبقونا.. رابط التصويت في حسابي في البايو .. علمو كل الاكسوالز مابقي الا ٣ ايام ونفوز بافضل فنان لعام ٢٠١٩ .. يلاااا التصويت سههلللل اختارو اكسو واحذفو سجل التصفح وارجعو صوتو من جديد .. يمديكم تصوتو مليون مرره ببليييز لا توقفو .. رجاااء انشرو الخبر لكل الاكسوالز
J R Bulan Yang lalu
Exolss plz go vote for EXO from the link on my account bio.. we are #1 now but all fandoms are gathering to win against EXO.. letss goo its super eazy choose EXO then delete history then open and vote again.. you can do it million time a day.. reain 3 days only let gooo tell all exol's
ceranaded Bulan Yang lalu
We were fooled this entire time but this is the real EXO who were just hiding in the shadows. These guys are more interesting, not gonna lie. They're more outspoken and savage. Lmao
Andini Bulan Yang lalu
"i can keep them warm" OOOHHHHHHH
Hun Nad
Hun Nad Bulan Yang lalu
It’s really funny that you now added ryan to your videos kkkkkk
Hazza Tomstyles
Hazza Tomstyles Bulan Yang lalu
los que dicen que EXO son aburridos son bien pndjos, amén.
Hazza Tomstyles
Hazza Tomstyles Bulan Yang lalu
Mi inglés es re básico, pero igual me reía con las caras que hacia Chanyeol y la voz re «grave» de BaekHyun, bro yO NO PueDo aSÍ.
Hazza Tomstyles
Hazza Tomstyles Bulan Yang lalu
estaba yendo bien hasta que vi los vídeos de Kyungsoo, Xiumin y Lay JAJAJAJA casi estaba logrando no reírme, ¿porke erei así?
Kayla Kearney
Kayla Kearney Bulan Yang lalu
Are you going to keep on putting Ryan at the end of videos like lay, cause I’m 100% down with that
Holla Up
Holla Up Bulan Yang lalu
Chanyeols white contactlens is a bit scary since it's only in one eye
emily taiko
emily taiko Bulan Yang lalu
Ryan Oppa is my main wrecker now 😩💯😂
Carmen Bograd
Carmen Bograd Bulan Yang lalu
But where is Ryan oppa?
Oscaar Doee
Oscaar Doee Bulan Yang lalu
Min Bulan Yang lalu
A legenda em português, que perfeição
essence arielle
essence arielle Bulan Yang lalu
X-Exo is kinda hot asf 😍
Gee Ugh
Gee Ugh Bulan Yang lalu
JR LATIP GACHA Bulan Yang lalu
Pastoral Morning
Pastoral Morning Bulan Yang lalu
MulanTheWriter Bulan Yang lalu
ryan's at the end now 😂💀
Luz Cristaldo
Luz Cristaldo Bulan Yang lalu
Wiktoria Ś.
Wiktoria Ś. Bulan Yang lalu
i love them they are so funny xd
Wiktoria Ś.
Wiktoria Ś. Bulan Yang lalu
Shuho lookin' like: (\__/) 👁️👁️ \👄/
Avery Hargrove
Avery Hargrove Bulan Yang lalu
I have such a strong urge to punch X-Chanyeol.
Leonardo Teixeira
Leonardo Teixeira Bulan Yang lalu
Kd os br kkk T^T
Nurul Izzati
Nurul Izzati Bulan Yang lalu
All of them are visuals
Luis Michaels
Luis Michaels Bulan Yang lalu
Ohmylord u added Reynold at the end HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Apple Sooyoung
Apple Sooyoung Bulan Yang lalu
Ani C
Ani C Bulan Yang lalu
I lost it when I saw Ryan
I'm Yours
I'm Yours Bulan Yang lalu
Exo are the kings of 'fake subs but aren't'.
aadfghjk An
aadfghjk An Bulan Yang lalu
Im laughing so hard
blossombaek Bulan Yang lalu
sm’s only job is to make exo roleplay, first the superpowers and now this
BOSS - Bulan Yang lalu
"I think we got this nomination not because on EXO but because on X-EXO" "And I think you need to stfu" Sorry, I laughed so hard.
Myra Glina
Myra Glina Bulan Yang lalu
This is beautiful, I love EXO's silliness and Chen is such a kind human being when he wants to keep the fans feel warm from the cold. :))
crista marie
crista marie Bulan Yang lalu
I really love how you include the one and only Deadpool in your videos. 😂❤
healing droplet
healing droplet Bulan Yang lalu
wtf im laughing hard
Itsmyles Bulan Yang lalu
Lmao those edits 😂 EXO's schedules are finished, variety shows, promotions etc and we didn't even get to see Ryan on. WhyyYyy 😔
Jennifer Yu
Jennifer Yu Bulan Yang lalu
Omg but is no one gonna talk about kai’s outfit like what is he wearing?????? And I can feel like he doesn’t feel that comfortable in that outfit cuz it’s showing a lot of skin and cmon their dressing artist can do better than this right
Alyna K52
Alyna K52 Bulan Yang lalu
Jennifer Yu ehh bo he like outfits like this
Obsession OXE
Obsession OXE Bulan Yang lalu
You're so cool yep4andy
sara ellieya
sara ellieya Bulan Yang lalu
goint to meet exo this saturday !!! cant wait !!!
sehun staninmysoul
sehun staninmysoul Bulan Yang lalu
I'll get mad when this is not my view in hell
mxxlisx Bulan Yang lalu
1:01 sehun, the last time I saw u was on s2 busted
Mochi Elf
Mochi Elf Bulan Yang lalu
1:38 Jongdae and his eyeshadow just roasted me for being ugly 🔥🔥
alienonymous24 Bulan Yang lalu
*title + definitely
Moser Frautch
Moser Frautch Bulan Yang lalu
wheres the comment where i found a shitty comment bout exo then andy roast they back, i see it on ig or somewhere in twtr then come back here hahaha
Henri Yudistian
Henri Yudistian Bulan Yang lalu
me too i wanna teach a btch some lessons
Tanha Tasnim
Tanha Tasnim Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah...i came for that too..but..can't find it!!!
Whitefox hyunnie
Whitefox hyunnie Bulan Yang lalu
OMG...please BAEKHYUN look so cute when he smile...but these days he look a lot more calm than before....hope he okey...I just literally think he all tired cuz this year the schedules so tight for him already..😊🤔😄 EXO BAEKHYUN and X-EXO BAEKHYUN is like the same people... No changed cuz whenever I see both it always the same...It just like he control both person...🤔😄😊
MISSIshmon Bulan Yang lalu
The way I screamed when I saw Ryan!!
Noona A
Noona A Bulan Yang lalu
I love EXO so much!!! 😍😍😍💕
Chanyeol's Neck
Chanyeol's Neck Bulan Yang lalu
omg ryan at the end tho lmaoooo 2:04
Aastha Sinha
Aastha Sinha Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah Ryan is an EXO member whom you never forget to show at last with the other 3😶😶
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