Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really 

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7 Nov 2019



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Komentar 13 176   
Jennifer Webb-Sovern
Jennifer Webb-Sovern 10 jam yang lalu
You should put a clear coat of modge poge or a clear substance so it won’t crack 😁👍
Mei Ling Zhou
Mei Ling Zhou 11 jam yang lalu
o oo
o oo 11 jam yang lalu
Why does her eyebrow have a slit ?
_idk_ what_to_write_
_idk_ what_to_write_ 12 jam yang lalu
Jenna will never loose her crocs while going to the bathroom at night
_idk_ what_to_write_
_idk_ what_to_write_ 12 jam yang lalu
I think maybe you should have sealed it with something
srspam menot
srspam menot 12 jam yang lalu
Celeste Noella
Celeste Noella 12 jam yang lalu
Love how Julien had to console a 30 something year old woman from crying over her crocs
Liezel Spinks
Liezel Spinks 12 jam yang lalu
you might want to sand the crocs for the paint to stay.
Gabrielle Villar
Gabrielle Villar 12 jam yang lalu
Take the sunglasses from the Claire's makeover and make those glow in the dark
xgimmienoise 12 jam yang lalu
This is sad... repeating content. Take a break if you’re out of ideas
Daria Kharkovska
Daria Kharkovska 13 jam yang lalu
You need to try nailpolish next
Алена Красивая Do this plz
Sophia Lilly
Sophia Lilly 13 jam yang lalu
Jenna what happened to those plants by the door?!!
Teish Ahmad
Teish Ahmad 13 jam yang lalu
Probably should have some sort of primer first before hydrodipping to plastic
Sophie May
Sophie May 13 jam yang lalu
Please do the 100 dip challenge with crocs!!!
Alaina Bell
Alaina Bell 13 jam yang lalu
You okay? You seem a little down underneath everything. I hope everything is going ok for you! Love you!
Sydney Roman
Sydney Roman 13 jam yang lalu
the crocks are too soft and smooth you should try sand paper them first to make them rough
Autumn Ram
Autumn Ram 14 jam yang lalu
next time: hydrodipping crocs re-redemption but not really. next next time: hydrodipping crocs REEEEEEEE
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson 14 jam yang lalu
so we not gonna talk about 0:44 ??
Debbie 13 jam yang lalu
Subliminal cermeting
Debbie 13 jam yang lalu
Shhh, it was a secret Cermet message.
Ezra Lee
Ezra Lee 14 jam yang lalu
You got to seal the paint after you dip it
marchybaby 14 jam yang lalu
please can you create a remix of tia temera but tia panera . i had a late night mental thought about it and it made my week 😂
Lind say
Lind say 14 jam yang lalu
Jenna's next 20 videos: "Spray painting..... ...... glow-in-the-dark." 😂
Rat Dog
Rat Dog 14 jam yang lalu
Did she really shave a stripe into her jacked up eyebrow in 2019?
trin cayen
trin cayen 14 jam yang lalu
I would love to see jenna marbles react to a netflix show called F is for family lol.
Lauren Cooney
Lauren Cooney 15 jam yang lalu
Might need to lightly sandpaper the surface so the paint has something to grip to
Amelia Lawrence
Amelia Lawrence 15 jam yang lalu
If you do this again you need to sand the crocs first and then seal them when you’re done
Molly Grabiel
Molly Grabiel 15 jam yang lalu
If you prime the crocks with like white or something spray paint primer (for plastic) if might make it not flake
Peter Daniel
Peter Daniel 15 jam yang lalu
You should use clear plasti-dip to seal the paint so it doesn't chip off beeeeeech. 😁
RSR PUGS 15 jam yang lalu
6:06-6:20 I think Jenna is talking about redipping as the second child and one dip as the first child
Hayley Guist
Hayley Guist 15 jam yang lalu
You threw a prom for Julien so now it's time to throw a rave 😂😍👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽
Jane Diaz
Jane Diaz 15 jam yang lalu
Maybe you could just paint them by hand... They are very Awesome and your not an idiot that was really cool, it works awesome when you dip a shirt in it I bet..🦋🌹
Alyssa Murphy
Alyssa Murphy 15 jam yang lalu
It's hard to believe that Jenna has been consistently making & uploading videos to IDvid for like 10 whole years now! It's insane to think that I have been such a big fan of Jenna & have actually been watching her videos for almost 10 years, & still get super excited every week that I see she uploaded a new video. Bcus with Jenna, you literally never fucking know what you're going to get each week lol. You might get a video of her hydro dipping a pair of Crocs, you may get a video of her camouflaging herself into a freaking chair, or you might get a video of her turning herself into a damn toothbrush. You just never really know what you're going to see when she uploads every week. Lol, and that is what I freaking love about her. She's always making such fresh, and totally one of a kind content & I absolutely live for the shit that Jenna makes. She is literally the best 32 year old lady in the whole entire world. 😂👍🏻👏🏻💕😍
Debbie 13 jam yang lalu
She's the best *33 year old laaadyyyy!
Brittany A
Brittany A 15 jam yang lalu
Try clear coating them
Hannah Rae
Hannah Rae 15 jam yang lalu
Video idea: making my hair glow in the dark (but like with a wig not your real hair please)
Lizbeth Soriano
Lizbeth Soriano 15 jam yang lalu
Jenna please cover yourself with glow in the dark paint. (Skin safe of course.)
ChristineCAlb1 15 jam yang lalu
You guys are so adorable! Spray paint the dogs’ collars/harnesses glow in the dark.
Sapere Aude
Sapere Aude 15 jam yang lalu
You guys need to be less wasteful. Plastic bags? You have more than enough money to use reusable bags!
Kristofer Looquay
Kristofer Looquay 16 jam yang lalu
Hydro dip and spray paint a raincoat so you can mostly glow in the dark😂😂
Leili Garside
Leili Garside 16 jam yang lalu
Jennas next video: spraying everything in my house glow in the dark
Moozie Pants
Moozie Pants 16 jam yang lalu
something tells me that she will find baby crocs and try to make her dogs wear them... also, they make dog beds in the shape of a croc lol
Danielle A.
Danielle A. 16 jam yang lalu
Jaime Moore
Jaime Moore 16 jam yang lalu
What about fabric paint?
Sara bubble
Sara bubble 16 jam yang lalu
Do a glow in the dark 1!
KylieMae*11 16 jam yang lalu
Sand paper the shoes. That will let the paint stick.
koro 16 jam yang lalu
a good idea would be to use sandpaper to give the crocs texture so the paint has something to hold on to, and then use sealant after you're done with the paint.
Apollo9898LPs 16 jam yang lalu
do it again and win this time also prime them please if you want it stick please prime them
Mimi Meram
Mimi Meram 16 jam yang lalu
Jenna!! Next week can you try to do Euohoria makeup looks?? Or maybe you can do a euphoria makeup look on Julien! ;)
Chiara Antonj
Chiara Antonj 16 jam yang lalu
...Ok Boomer.
Alexis Morris
Alexis Morris 16 jam yang lalu
Jenna sweetie u NEED to put paint sealant on the shoes so they don’t crumple🥺🥺
Talia Lombardo
Talia Lombardo 16 jam yang lalu
Jenna’s too much gene gives me sO mUcH aNxIeTyYYYyY
satansrobotho 16 jam yang lalu
Jenna: 'HYDRO-DIP REDEMPTION VIDEO!" Also Jenna: buys aerosol oil paint to spray on water :P
DGJ Edits
DGJ Edits 17 jam yang lalu
Try hydro dipping with nail polish
Bri M
Bri M 17 jam yang lalu
I’m never one to post much in comments, and definitely not something like this, especially on a Jenna video, but I’m asking for prayer/good vibes for a friend of mine. He’s 27 and was just diagnosed with cancer (stage 3c after just finding out last weekend) that has now spread to his lungs and liver. It’s caught a lot of us off guard, and I myself am still kind of in disbelief. He’s starting to get very nervous about starting chemo tomorrow, so please pray/send good vibes for strength for him. He started out confident but the fear and pain seems to be getting to him now 😔. His family has set up a go fund me page for him, he’s got a long battle ahead. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Charvét Manaia
Charvét Manaia 17 jam yang lalu
*Have you guys used primer? It’s supposed to help prevent flaking.*
Ruby H
Ruby H 17 jam yang lalu
she should make a video of her just spray painting stuff glow i the dark
Amanda Troyer
Amanda Troyer 17 jam yang lalu
i just wanna watch her hydro-dipping things, it's great.
Ains Siglock
Ains Siglock 17 jam yang lalu
Jenna Marbles • Crocs *collab*
Alina M.
Alina M. 17 jam yang lalu
the first-attempt pair kinda looks like 'the scream' by edvard munch
Ravenshade 17 jam yang lalu
I wish jenna would see this, its also my fav way to sit , i feel like in some world me and jenna are related lmoa
Momochan 77
Momochan 77 17 jam yang lalu
Next video HAS to be of stuff looks better when it’s glow in the dark!!! Jenna covers stuff in glow in the dark pain and sees of its cool or not!!
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