Is This the GROSSEST Eating Challenge Ever? 🦂 The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2 

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Would you eat a LIVE grub worm for a chance at 1 million dollars? 🤢 Each Challenger's stomach was put to the test during this part of the epic War of The Worlds 2 final!
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The Challenge is back, and this time it's all-out war. On The Challenge: War of the Worlds, America's best will be taking on competitors from around the globe. Legendary Challenge Veterans will team up with Rookies from "The Bachelor," "Big Brother" and other reality shows to compete for $1 million in the most grueling, physical and mental challenges ever devised. Who will survive?
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6 Des 2019



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Komentar 645   
Lily rogers513
Lily rogers513 3 hari yang lalu
“this fat and trying to jump out of the shit glass”
Kota 4 hari yang lalu
CT is a racist clown lol
Sphinx Money
Sphinx Money 7 hari yang lalu
this is so cruel that they're alive.
Logan Par
Logan Par 10 hari yang lalu
Why don’t they show them make it in 😒
Michael A
Michael A 11 hari yang lalu
Y’all need to stop with these damn eating challenges. They are unoriginal and add nothing to the show.
Panta Rei 83
Panta Rei 83 12 hari yang lalu
Women swallow CUM but gag on a scorpion...not to mention dick cheese
RF 15 hari yang lalu
Zack has done so many of these and he never wins I’m starting to feel bad for him
Keem Ibrahim
Keem Ibrahim 18 hari yang lalu
Tori: it’s a CHicken nugget, it’s a chicken nugget!! *legs scratch her mouth*
Shamara B
Shamara B 28 hari yang lalu
Why did the worm have to be alive. 😭
Aynur Yılmaz
Aynur Yılmaz 28 hari yang lalu
Ai dont waot is it pornos is what are you doing pomna ananınsa amina
Bianca Scott
Bianca Scott Bulan Yang lalu
Anybody else wondering what Rogan has eaten that was worst than what they had to eat🤷🏽‍♀️🤔
Corgi Jones
Corgi Jones Bulan Yang lalu
I had my ups & downs with Tori, but I loved how aggressively kind she was being to Dee. It was sweet to me 😂
Justina Gamboa
Justina Gamboa Bulan Yang lalu
So much for Pauly’s “peak” 😂😂😂😂
sarah zar
sarah zar Bulan Yang lalu
Mmmm Cara, your tears taste so sweet and delicious 🤤
RyGuy Vegas
RyGuy Vegas Bulan Yang lalu
Not the first time Cara has had a thick warm in her mouth before i bet 😏
Sichael Mcott
Sichael Mcott Bulan Yang lalu
Seeing cara cry is AWESOME!!!!!
Nells Amaro
Nells Amaro Bulan Yang lalu
Cara is a scary cat
Sports Fan_91
Sports Fan_91 Bulan Yang lalu
Cara sucks at swimming, eating, math & puzzles. But yet her fans try & say she is underappreciated.
anayeli6 Bulan Yang lalu
Dee and Rogan don't deserve to be called Challange champions, sorry not sorry!
Stormi 524
Stormi 524 Bulan Yang lalu
Is that ok for them to eat?😭
DNG TV Bulan Yang lalu
Ronald Snoddy
Ronald Snoddy Bulan Yang lalu
Chris West
Chris West Bulan Yang lalu
- Is this the Grossest Eating Challenge Ever? SERIOUSLY!?!?! 1 scorpion and 1 live grub!?!?! Not even close. - Rivals II: PLATES full of chili peppers, pickled fish soup, worms, crickets, maggots, durian, and dried squid.
Ananias Rayne
Ananias Rayne Bulan Yang lalu
Ummmmm... so no one else find Dee's face is hilarious at 2:35 ?
gorobot Bulan Yang lalu
You know those producers loved editing the Paulie and Cara Marie parts in this episode. The glee they clearly took with the lingering shots of paulie lying on the ground and Cara having a tantrum was perfect.
Hüseyin Bulan Yang lalu
Yucccck disgusting.
Ryan _TBH
Ryan _TBH Bulan Yang lalu
I mean they could’ve let Cara stay behind and she would just be eliminated.
Wendysaurus Rex
Wendysaurus Rex Bulan Yang lalu
Well once u bite it ...then it won’t be alive anymore duh
Graffiti Girl
Graffiti Girl Bulan Yang lalu
Omg Ashley is acting like she is at the bar lmao
Bee Bulan Yang lalu
Kudos to them cause I’m eating dinner and I’m about to puke by just looking at it
Angela Silvi
Angela Silvi Bulan Yang lalu
It's a chicken nugget! Funny as hell
phyllis jean
phyllis jean Bulan Yang lalu
Is anyone else starting to not like anyone but Leroy and CT😂
Sara S
Sara S Bulan Yang lalu
Honestly it is HORRIBLE that they had them eat LIVE CREATURES! That crap is f-d up! Swallowing live grubs!? Shame on MTV!
Lady Katsa
Lady Katsa Bulan Yang lalu
This should not be legal.
Replicator Bulan Yang lalu
nick T
nick T Bulan Yang lalu
This was a dumb's literally America vs America in the finals, they should have never allowed that switching bs, it's too many stupid politics with these rules, I hate seeing people perform like shit in the finals and crack under pressure. The other alliance Josh and Lauren started by throwing their own teammate, wes, into elimination which was extremely dumb...and looking back at it this shit is starting to look scripted, some of the moves were making no sense.
UBMurda TV
UBMurda TV Bulan Yang lalu
why was every missed shot filmed but all the ones that was made wasn't. lol i know its stupid but i wanted to see how the hell did they land that coconut on that lil basket but when ct, tori, n ninja made it they didnt film it they just showed their reactions.
Michelle Molina
Michelle Molina Bulan Yang lalu
M encanta este programa y no entiendo nadaaaaaa de lo q dicen 😕 pero asi lo veo
Cori Mead
Cori Mead Bulan Yang lalu
Ashley “come on guy’s,everyone loves an underdog story” The UK has been the underdog story the whole season.
Cori Mead
Cori Mead Bulan Yang lalu
This season seems to force you to believe that karma is real! 😂🤔
shareekah1 Bulan Yang lalu
Ashley is a beast
Preston Brice
Preston Brice Bulan Yang lalu
Oh carra is so disgusting. Why do they keep bringing people like her and her crew back??
Ricardo Ayala
Ricardo Ayala Bulan Yang lalu
Why the fuck even put this as the title, they've eaten way worse in the past. like ???????
it's mac
it's mac Bulan Yang lalu
Ashley and Zach's comments really got me through this episode
Angi Key
Angi Key Bulan Yang lalu
Cara and what’s his name ( yes I know it) have greatly disappointed in this finale so far.
Kimberly Gross
Kimberly Gross Bulan Yang lalu
Haha the U.S. team is falling behind because of the people they let run the game Paulie and Cara 😂 I hope the U.K. win put Ashley, Cara, Paulie , Kam , Ninja in their place too cocky u should lose. Ct deserves the win. And the U.S. deserve the L.
Robert Angier
Robert Angier Bulan Yang lalu
wait is this new or a rerun?
najma mohamed
najma mohamed Bulan Yang lalu
Why is Cara Maria acting like she hasn’t done these challenges and made it to 9 finals smh I’m hoping the U.K team wins I can’t believe they let Ashley go this far like the girl already a millionaire who stole why in the fuck would y’all help her !!
Q Will
Q Will Bulan Yang lalu
If Cara was on my team going forward I’d put her up for elimination immediately.
MegaUltra SuperKO
MegaUltra SuperKO Bulan Yang lalu
And once again we having proof that shows why cara is the worst and most overrated person in the challenge right next to paulie. Man I can't wait for the rest of the cast to roast them during the reunion episode.
DeWayne Hodges
DeWayne Hodges Bulan Yang lalu
LMFAO Cara doing way too much this season and making me lose respect for her.
Punx_R_Alive Bulan Yang lalu
Man this final is Exposing the weak Links man Leroy is going to get screwed again hes a work horse he needed to be on one of these when it was Inferno/gauntlet formula challenges. Cara man its time to pack it up you got your W's but your mentally not made for these anymore and Paulie is 150 lbs and still gassed smh I could understand if he was a bigger individual but his body is built for endurance his hydration must of been bad and this is why you should never go the scared route what happen to the days where people were like Landon who would straight up battle when needed to and became the Victor. So to conclude there is no way USA can win from what I am seeing UK is way stronger in every way at this stage.
JMichaels Physique
JMichaels Physique Bulan Yang lalu
yo...1 challenge or 100....swallowing live grub is fucked up every time!
H F Bulan Yang lalu
Lost all respect for Car winny ass bitch
Hugo Ramirez
Hugo Ramirez Bulan Yang lalu
Fuck Cara! Cry now bitch
Wayne C
Wayne C Bulan Yang lalu
Dirty 30's still might be worse
Isaiah Monroe
Isaiah Monroe Bulan Yang lalu
Just imagine its a pussy chicken
pinkstarfire1 Bulan Yang lalu
the more people the harder they fall
JaiMonique !
JaiMonique ! Bulan Yang lalu
honestly that worm would’ve made me quit lol 😂 But how is Zach the only one to think to kill it
Jessica Her
Jessica Her Bulan Yang lalu
I love team UK’s team work.