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this is embarrassing honestly
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7 Nov 2019



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Komentar 11 418   
Joshua Purugganan
Joshua Purugganan 10 jam yang lalu
Aaron or Ethan hmmmm
Janola Bleach
Janola Bleach 10 jam yang lalu
Way to give girls the wrong message. 👎
insanity 11 jam yang lalu
This video hurt me
IamEdelle 35
IamEdelle 35 11 jam yang lalu
He's the luckiest guy ever
Rhea Shetty
Rhea Shetty 11 jam yang lalu
'Emma gets her hair out of her ears only to put them back there'
Vicky 11 jam yang lalu
That 8:17 girly jump killed me! That’s also me learning to do some tricks and feeling proud for landing on my two feet
blackpink X
blackpink X 11 jam yang lalu
At first I was kinda like its probs not aaron. But she lit just posted a story of them. Likeeeeeeeeeeeee
yea okay
yea okay 12 jam yang lalu
I kinda cringe when she says “he skateboards” & not skate. Like he’s a board? Lol idk just me?
Paige 12 jam yang lalu
i think this video just confirms that her and ethan weren’t dating and they just didn’t say anything bc the fake relationship got them so much clout
Navi 12 jam yang lalu
YAAAAAAWWWWWWWW. We need to know how this goes
ayla rose
ayla rose 12 jam yang lalu
Emma. Please. Get. A. Screen. Protector. So. When. Your. Phone. Cracks. It. Won’t. Hurt. Your. Actual. Phone.
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn 13 jam yang lalu
i like this guy and he skateboards, who cares.The real question is can you deepthroat emma.
Hasti maleki
Hasti maleki 13 jam yang lalu
Ethan skateboards😗
christiana tedesco
christiana tedesco 13 jam yang lalu
Kiersten Milburn
Kiersten Milburn 13 jam yang lalu
The people that work at “skate shops” (Zumiez) don’t skate
Tanishi Agarwal
Tanishi Agarwal 14 jam yang lalu
SHE SAID PEACE OUT!!!!! Ethan skateboards
Christhian Ramos
Christhian Ramos 14 jam yang lalu
Litterlay eveything shes says is a fucking moood 😭
pdubdubs 14 jam yang lalu
"So if we like like somebody or something" Check out my store!!! It's almost as cool -_0 I am impressed, just so you know. When you're nearby we could go on a date, maybe get some coffee, and go for a nice walk.
memes 101
memes 101 14 jam yang lalu
DOLAN WHO!?!?!???????!?!?!
Killertimer Fg
Killertimer Fg 14 jam yang lalu
Ellie Whelan
Ellie Whelan 15 jam yang lalu
i think this is the first time i have ever seen emma not get a coffee straight away
Ursh Baker
Ursh Baker 15 jam yang lalu
"I brake bitches hearts" 😂😂
Savannah Smith
Savannah Smith 15 jam yang lalu
I really hope she likes marko😔
Lio Ellen
Lio Ellen 15 jam yang lalu
This video was so fun aw, love seeing her happy
Monnie Johnson
Monnie Johnson 15 jam yang lalu
Emma: I like this guy and he skates Me: He was a skater boy she said see ya later boy
Alex or Maya
Alex or Maya 15 jam yang lalu
She said "shh" like we don't know
xcarmen 15 jam yang lalu
i wish it could be ethan
Michelle Jimenez
Michelle Jimenez 15 jam yang lalu
brooke nygaard
brooke nygaard 15 jam yang lalu
guess emma and ethan are over 🤧
Mister Physics
Mister Physics 15 jam yang lalu
Impress yourself. Fuck wasting your one-and-only life tryna impress COCK.
emily yoder
emily yoder 15 jam yang lalu
aaron is the loml
Mister Physics
Mister Physics 15 jam yang lalu
In my experience, boys are ONLY interested in fucking. That's it. They don't care what you look like or your skating ability, you are not even a full human being to them, you're someone who touches their junk, foolishly. That's it. Boys hate girls. Generally. (They are raised to hate girls.)
Victoria Vasquez
Victoria Vasquez 15 jam yang lalu
Bro I’m big sad rn how tf do I stop that shit
Victoria Vasquez
Victoria Vasquez 15 jam yang lalu
Bro it’s obviously Aaron man
talop deedoo
talop deedoo 15 jam yang lalu
Grace Dunbar
Grace Dunbar 16 jam yang lalu
I fucking luv rick and Morty! Great choice!
Mister Physics
Mister Physics 15 jam yang lalu
depressing pile of shit, crappy show full of lies
Kayla Leone
Kayla Leone 16 jam yang lalu
Ethan hit her up
BeanRice.38 16 jam yang lalu
*emma should have givin us the speccs*
LilJoker Land
LilJoker Land 16 jam yang lalu
Is it Ethen 😏
ESmithMedia 16 jam yang lalu
much respect for that skateboard design choice 👌🏻👌🏻
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat 16 jam yang lalu
meanwhile i cant even get girls to like me LOL
Mister Physics
Mister Physics 15 jam yang lalu
stop being creepy, just a thought
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat 16 jam yang lalu
TheDevinReed 16 jam yang lalu
The old Emma would never lol
Butchers Key
Butchers Key 16 jam yang lalu
This is how many people that will still change for boys even after Emma said not to 👇🏼
Cali Serna
Cali Serna 16 jam yang lalu
someone tell me what the name of her dickies are
Dark nightmare Kolby
Dark nightmare Kolby 16 jam yang lalu
0:58 “HiT tHe RoAd BiTcH”
Lavender Granger
Lavender Granger 16 jam yang lalu
The fact that aaron hulls video was up next
Jeremy Rund
Jeremy Rund 16 jam yang lalu
how are there no comments about ethan???
Ana Aguilar
Ana Aguilar 16 jam yang lalu
Bro my type is skater boys and girls as well
Andrea Munoz
Andrea Munoz 17 jam yang lalu
Or I am done with you
Andrea Munoz
Andrea Munoz 17 jam yang lalu
Get the sister squad back
Aubree Bigger
Aubree Bigger 17 jam yang lalu
Giulz Gamer
Giulz Gamer 17 jam yang lalu
Likes a guy who skates board hmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder who he is totally not one of the Dolan twins !*wink wink*
Caroline Carter
Caroline Carter 17 jam yang lalu
It is Aaron Hull 😌
Ashton Ormsby
Ashton Ormsby 17 jam yang lalu
Uh this shit hella cringe
Chanel Mckenzie
Chanel Mckenzie 17 jam yang lalu
All these people saying other guys but no ones talking about the fact Ethen always skates
LatiNoble 17 jam yang lalu
This girl’s adhd is triggering me.
emily g
emily g 17 jam yang lalu
does anyone else remember that same surfer boy story from an old video?
Sienna Diefenbach
Sienna Diefenbach 17 jam yang lalu
some of yall don't have tik tok and it shows
TheUmbrellaCorpX7[エヴ] 17 jam yang lalu
Skater bois are cool as fuck.
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