Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Astronaut" M/V 

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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Astronaut" M/V
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13 Nov 2019



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Damn that’s CRAZYYY
Damn that’s CRAZYYY 2 jam yang lalu
Stays please head over and str34m levanter! Also use this link to help u to v0te for stray kids golden disk award, were at 9th place:( And v0te for them on idol champ too, spread this!!!!
Alexis Johnson
Alexis Johnson 5 jam yang lalu
Hyunjin left the real I.N😭
Aviel De Leon
Aviel De Leon 6 jam yang lalu
I will say this in every video... WHY ARE THEY SO FUCKING GOOD WTF
fut- fan
fut- fan 8 jam yang lalu
The best ❤
spear bread
spear bread 10 jam yang lalu
are y'all sleeping on this masterpiece?? *anyway stream levanter give them the win they deserve*
Damn that’s CRAZYYY
Damn that’s CRAZYYY 2 jam yang lalu
spear bread PERIODT
EXO-Suho Skz_BangChan
EXO-Suho Skz_BangChan 11 jam yang lalu
Mnet Mama would regret for not inviting Skz Their song of this year is enough for The whole Mama
EXO-Suho Skz_BangChan
EXO-Suho Skz_BangChan 11 jam yang lalu
This Year Is Year of STAY and SKZ No body would deny this #Ot09 #Bang's
Tamara Dijkman
Tamara Dijkman 12 jam yang lalu
Hello I'm a new stan (I just found them now. I literally was to long just a bts stan. I want to appreciate more groups because every group deserves love and attention) and I just wanted to ask if you could give me some information like who is who? (I'm literally crying about the fact that I just stan them now) and sorry for my english. German is my native language so...🥺
Damn that’s CRAZYYY
Damn that’s CRAZYYY 2 jam yang lalu
Omggg welcome love<333 you should search up “unhelpful guide to stray kids” LOL they’re adorable you’ll soon love them
Nancy Mendez
Nancy Mendez 10 jam yang lalu
I recommend watching unhelpful guide to stray kids the old and updated version. Also a Mildly accurate English debate stray kids. You can also watch crack videos. And lastly how to tell them apart. Search these up and they’ll usually be one of the first videos to pop up :)
seonghwa ng
seonghwa ng 13 jam yang lalu
denle stream a levanter y astronaut lpm que son temones y están re producidos,,,, estoy #decepcionada
Isra L
Isra L 14 jam yang lalu
When it's LEVANTER'S era But your still not over with ASTRONAUT 😉😉😀
Fernanda Cristina Silva
Fernanda Cristina Silva 14 jam yang lalu
Eu amei essa música ❤❤ e umas das melhores músicas do Stray kids *Astronaut* Quem concordar da liki
Ohno Mark
Ohno Mark 15 jam yang lalu
Why Woojin leave group??
irene 12 jam yang lalu
personal reasons
Kelly van der Loo
Kelly van der Loo 16 jam yang lalu
Stray kids is so underrated.
billzenha _
billzenha _ 16 jam yang lalu
Yasmin Elrakabawy
Yasmin Elrakabawy 17 jam yang lalu
Form this moment i announce myself as a stray kids stan
Damn that’s CRAZYYY
Damn that’s CRAZYYY 2 jam yang lalu
Yasmin Elrakabawy YESSSIRRR welcome to the circus <3
Alifah Fisalsa
Alifah Fisalsa 18 jam yang lalu
King gaming
King gaming 18 jam yang lalu
Sierra 20 jam yang lalu
I’ve been avoiding watching skz stuff since Woojin, which is stupid. I’m just afraid of it not being the same, but of course it’s still awesome stuff.
Damn that’s CRAZYYY
Damn that’s CRAZYYY 2 jam yang lalu
Please still support them:/ they really need it rn. Even Hyunjin broke down in one of their recent concert saying that he’s afraid we’ll leave him.
irene 12 jam yang lalu
please continue supporting the boys as 8:(
YAY 21 jam yang lalu
hahaha imisswoojin
YAY 21 jam yang lalu
YAY 21 jam yang lalu
YAY 21 jam yang lalu
Its Meh
Its Meh 21 jam yang lalu
Their happy faces made me happy too 😊
Safitri Natalia Ramadhan
Safitri Natalia Ramadhan 21 jam yang lalu
Katherine Jeon
Katherine Jeon Hari Yang lalu
I like how it's boyfriend aesthetic, but I don't really like the boy band vibes from the mv if that makes sense?
Nicole Larissa
Nicole Larissa Hari Yang lalu
People are asking me "why are you still single?" My answer : sorry but I got married 4 months ago with Stray kids' cave man Stray kids stans will understand
Fernanda Unicornio
Fernanda Unicornio Hari Yang lalu
esta cancion me sube el animo peo levanter es mas triste que la chucha y hace que me quiera meter a mi cama para no salir nunca :D
gloss ✨
gloss ✨ Hari Yang lalu
please, when you're str3aming, remember to censor the words str3am and v1ews! doing that freezes v1ews :(! also avoid commenting emojis, as they do the same thing! and remember to also deactivate subtitles, apparently if they're on your v1ews won't count!!
chungbiumg829 Hari Yang lalu
How do people has the big shining teeth??? I can't stop looking their teeth through the video. mine is yellow teeth.
chungbiumg829 Hari Yang lalu
Google search : Astronaut.
Sokmara Soeuy
Sokmara Soeuy Hari Yang lalu
Kim Seungminie
Kim Seungminie Hari Yang lalu
Hyunjin: "Pasha pasha " "Panya panya" Me : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Llama's Rule
Llama's Rule Hari Yang lalu
When Is Astronaut On Spotify?
irene 12 jam yang lalu
Adriana Cabrera
Adriana Cabrera Hari Yang lalu
astronaut es una canción que me hace sonreír
jaque P
jaque P Hari Yang lalu
10M!! STAY fighting!!!!
violeta mateo
violeta mateo Hari Yang lalu
streaming with my fourth account for stream
Маргарита Мин
Who can agree with me that stray kids are our family?!
Ana Cat
Ana Cat Hari Yang lalu
this song is so so so so good
SkuStard GG
SkuStard GG Hari Yang lalu
kpop=mierda autolike porke me kieor matar
- leonela ೄྀ࿐
- leonela ೄྀ࿐ Hari Yang lalu
stray kids soty
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