The Truth About Why People Keep Dying On Mt. Everest 

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Conquering Mount Everest was once the holy grail of mountaineering. And it basically still is, though more people are making the attempt than ever. Not everyone who tries the climb makes it home, but why? Here's why Mount Everest is claiming so many lives.
Mount Everest is more than 29,000 feet tall, which might make you think most victims of the mountain die by falling. But that's only the second most common cause of death. According to the BBC, most people who die on Everest are killed in avalanches. The third most common cause of death on the mountain is exposure or frostbite, which accounts for around 11% of fatalities. Other causes of death include falling ice, rope accidents, pneumonia, or even drowning.
Surprisingly, more people die on the way down from the summit than on the way up, and route preparation is dangerous, too. A total of 120 people have died while working on the routes, with a handful more dying at base camp, en route to base camp, or during an evacuation. So really, you're not safe anywhere on Mount Everest.
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It isn't just falling | 0:15
Traffic jams | 0:58
No experience necessary? | 2:00
A tiny window of opportunity | 3:01
It's called that for a reason | 4:10
Mind playing tricks | 5:22
Summit fever | 5:57


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Grunge 6 bulan yang lalu
What other mountains would you rather try to climb than Mt. Everest?
Scuffy McTugboat
Scuffy McTugboat 2 hari yang lalu
@Sunkist Jen . Thanks for making me snort beer up my nose.
Josiah samuel
Josiah samuel 5 hari yang lalu
None I’m just going to stay in my warm room
Octavian Ong
Octavian Ong 6 hari yang lalu
Cindy Stone
Cindy Stone 10 hari yang lalu
Helena Katherine Ann
Helena Katherine Ann 11 hari yang lalu
Kilimanjaro cuz jade and Leigh anne from little mix did
AgressiveSillence 7 jam yang lalu
people are dumb.
Playernumber303 Roblox
Playernumber303 Roblox Hari Yang lalu
dont worry guys, they respawn anyways
Matt Lombardo
Matt Lombardo 2 hari yang lalu
Truth is they're dumb white idiots that dont have the experience to be up there. They put everyone at risk too.
Andres Sierra
Andres Sierra 2 hari yang lalu
The highest and most unaccesible place on the world is full of garbage. Pittyful humans.
Matt Lombardo
Matt Lombardo 2 hari yang lalu
Lazy pieces of shit all they care about is saying they climbed it, they dont deserve to be up there acting like that.
MD Luffy
MD Luffy 2 hari yang lalu
Been Upto 5416m(Thorangla Pass), which is above Everest base camp, I almost cried when I reached the top due to cold and lack of oxygen. Can’t imagine the pain on the death zone at Everest. Was my first and last I will better watch TV at home😂😂😂
T. B
T. B 2 hari yang lalu
I unpacked my luggage!!!
Vyansya 2 hari yang lalu
Imagine going to climb something that has "dead zone" on it
Gas man Gas man
Gas man Gas man 3 hari yang lalu
Think i have seen all the documentaries IDvid has to offer on this and my conclusion is this!! Sherpas make from $4500 to $5000 to bring these morons up there. Nepal charges $11000 per climber for a permit. What the hell is going on here. The sherpas need to group and form a union to get their share of the money. I make a good salary no way i could afford to make it there so its only for the rich dumb bragging class that can afford this. But the Sherpas do all the work and even lose their lives carrying these dumb asses up and down this hill. From bodies thawing out and popping up to frozen corpses all over the side of this thing is not something to be proud of ' but a goddamn nightmare. Look at a cemetery next time and then look at this mountain. Its the same goddamn thing. Shame on Nepal for letting this go on without more intense follow up on the people they sell permits to.
Dylan Valenti
Dylan Valenti 5 hari yang lalu
They need to put in place. Age restrictions and experience restrictions. Most of the climbers don't have much experience.
M Öz
M Öz 5 hari yang lalu
I need traffic lights from 4 camps to the top.
rock of ages USA
rock of ages USA 6 hari yang lalu
They just want money they don’t care who dies
ShadoeFax 7 hari yang lalu
The companies that take these people up to the summit should have life insurance policies for the Sherpas so their families aren't fucked.
SuperBat 8 hari yang lalu
Because people keep climbing it? There are other ways to prove your balls can't be frozen.
Marlin B.
Marlin B. 8 hari yang lalu
I am getting cold just by watching this video!!
Bambi Palmer
Bambi Palmer 8 hari yang lalu
I don't care what this tutorial has to say about Mount Everest I'm here for one thing to tell you that you have ruined a beautiful mountain with your desire to try to conquer it instead you're ruining with litter & defiling it I have no respect for you people and I hope you all freeze to f****** d---th.... have a nice day.❄
Mark 10 hari yang lalu
why tho? stay home and jerk off.
Carlos Suarez
Carlos Suarez 10 hari yang lalu
Cause people are stupid that’s why
Tyler H
Tyler H 11 hari yang lalu
Why do people die on Everest? Oh I dunno....I think the whole part about it being the tallest mountain in the world
nalle karhu
nalle karhu 12 hari yang lalu
It's Russian roulette, pure and simple.
C M 12 hari yang lalu
Everest is amateur hour, in my opinion. Real climbing truth comes from people like Joe Simpson, and others, who have mastered real tech climb, without the bells and whistles. Climbing has become , like so many other fine points of man's quest, simply a matter of who has the most money, to buy the best toys. How incredibly boring.
rorschachh 13 hari yang lalu
Hi has anyone heard someone having sex act on the summit? Is it an unconquered first ?
08prtk 13 hari yang lalu
I'd instead stay with my girl friend and have sex..
Hence Hennncee
Hence Hennncee 14 hari yang lalu
People keep dying because it's only suppose to be admired from afar😉
cucumber boy01 2
cucumber boy01 2 14 hari yang lalu
Any other mountain then Mount Everest
Mij Halfdane
Mij Halfdane 15 hari yang lalu
So the Sherpa communities that are above 4000 meters, their bodies have evolved/adapted over time to deal with high altitudes much better than anyone else on the planet. How might my body cope in the death zone being born and raised at 40 meters above sea level?
Xeroxpeople A.
Xeroxpeople A. 17 hari yang lalu
Elsa dies in frozen 2
Ben Zun
Ben Zun 17 hari yang lalu
IT is awesome to see people so motivated and hyped up they are willing to die on a mountain!! If I had an extra 100,000 MT Everest would not be the place to go
NeedForWeed • 11 years ago
Rich people dying while getting a 29,000 granite penis extension. Where is my tiny violin???
menehune1025 18 hari yang lalu
People with dumb
Reynaldo Sioson
Reynaldo Sioson 19 hari yang lalu
Mt rushmore 56%
Joan H
Joan H 21 hari yang lalu
Invest the money. What a waste.
TheMashup 22 hari yang lalu
Me in the que: yo anyone got some spare oxygen
modest byarushengo
modest byarushengo 24 hari yang lalu
human being are pretty amazing...saving money out of hardwork to go pay for death entry !
Emilija Dambrauskaitė
Emilija Dambrauskaitė 26 hari yang lalu
Imagine climbing and finding dead bodies
Jamie Wright
Jamie Wright Bulan Yang lalu
Greed that's what's killing people
Mr Brown
Mr Brown Bulan Yang lalu
Come on why die on the way back. Keep skiing boards and glide your way down. I think it's not that hard as people think. I should do it in few hours maybe 3-4
exionem Bulan Yang lalu
I would of loved to summit this mountain 25-30 years ago... nowadays not so much. Too much $$$ involved and way too much risk with so many people. NOT WORTH IT.
Ritu Neupane
Ritu Neupane Bulan Yang lalu
From Nepal ❤️
Francisco Xavier
Francisco Xavier Bulan Yang lalu
This is nice because Nepal could use the extra money and this (insert adjective of choice here) people have it.
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