Unrecovered Bodies Still on Mount Everest 

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Unrecovered bodies still on Mount Everest. Dead bodies of mount Everest are as intact as alive. Dead bodies on mount everest are used as landmarks for the climbers. This is a short Educational video on dead bodies left behind in Everest

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28 Apr 2018



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Rando'thol 5 hari yang lalu
Never forget the Sherpas who make this even possible and many of them have perished
Mattew val
Mattew val 5 hari yang lalu
Music at the end?
Miss Molly
Miss Molly 6 hari yang lalu
Francis Astentiev....first American woman to climb without oxygen...later calls her a him??? It says "Francys and HIS husband Sergei both died on the mountain. Apparently HIS husband was found a year later." ????
Erik on Mixer
Erik on Mixer 10 hari yang lalu
Eniyelis Peña
Eniyelis Peña 11 hari yang lalu
Do not climb this place it's like suicide
Edgardo Cartagena
Edgardo Cartagena 16 hari yang lalu
And everyone is rip godblessss
Edgardo Cartagena
Edgardo Cartagena 16 hari yang lalu
Awwwwww very sad...why instead off camps they can build a stone house on every camp site on c1,c2,c3,or c4.i mean iknoe its hard to do it.but at least they can try.theres millions on rocks up there.
Herandez Herandez
Herandez Herandez 19 hari yang lalu
No way I will Evey even try same like that.
P n C
P n C 22 hari yang lalu
Green boots is this dude named rob from New Zealend
Carlos Gonzales
Carlos Gonzales 23 hari yang lalu
Some histories are so sad I can imagine how awful is the feeling of searching for your wife in the middle of nowhere and deep inside knowing that you'll never see her again and dying in a falling.
astro 25 hari yang lalu
Well, when you think about it.... it’s a peaceful death apart from it being freezing and you running out of oxygen (possibly). At least you get a nice view.
Reddog14 25 hari yang lalu
If your going to make a video that's such a sensitive issue, make sure you double check spelling & correct fucking titles!! Francys was a her not a him as you have stated in the video.
•The gāmər•
•The gāmər• 25 hari yang lalu
Is it worth climbing to everest risking your life just to prove someone you can?
Jamal Jones
Jamal Jones 28 hari yang lalu
this is a sport black people do not participate in
Notre Aira
Notre Aira 26 hari yang lalu
Jamal Jones Um,don't forget asians,middle easterners/semitic,natives and all other people. Only white people do this. But then,why did white people do all the things they did? We will never know. They're weird and no one should follow their footsteps.
Plus Bonus
Plus Bonus Bulan Yang lalu
So sad for their friends and family. Thank God for Heaven.
pim1234 Bulan Yang lalu
At least some people have the decency to put a flag on these people ...
kdo chce vidí
kdo chce vidí Bulan Yang lalu
Madi Moo
Madi Moo Bulan Yang lalu
Am I the only one who saw that the guy in the thumbnail was from the shining?😂 nice try.
Eatinsomtin Bulan Yang lalu
you know what the funny thing is? There is not one black man on the list
Camp Tours and That
Camp Tours and That Bulan Yang lalu
One day you will be able to take the bus up there.
Retro dealer 64#
Retro dealer 64# Bulan Yang lalu
Man I can't stand people who do extreme sports and they know they could die. I can't stand people want to climb Mount Everest know they could die. I don't have much sympathy for reckless foolish decisions.
Retro dealer 64#
Retro dealer 64# Bulan Yang lalu
All these climbers have a Death Wish. Know and they could die but they went anyways.
miyu ryuu
miyu ryuu Bulan Yang lalu
I cant imagine when people who still alive but didnt have any strength anymore n they saw other climber passed them on their way but they didnt save them coz it will risks to their own life too. It's feel scary that u feel hopeless n no people wont save you n u just saw them passed by without do nothing.
active boy
active boy Bulan Yang lalu
That's why I prefer to play game at home. If I death. I still can see my wife face.
Royal Bavarian
Royal Bavarian Bulan Yang lalu
Hypoxia a bitch
happinin Bulan Yang lalu
Shriya did not remain there. They came and collected her body not long after her death. they only left her up there a short time. Also she didn't die because she spent 25 minutes up there. get your facts straight. she died because she refused to return despite being given strong advice, and continued to the summit despite having barely any oxygen left. on the way back down she couldnt walk anymore because she was completely out of oxygen and they were forced to leave her.
Blessed Spotlight
Blessed Spotlight Bulan Yang lalu
If I go to Everest, I wanna see Green Boots. I just wanna take a picture and say: "Hey Tsewang! Too bad you didn’t make it. I hope you are climbing mountains in heaven." Then I’ll begin descending.
John Doe
John Doe Bulan Yang lalu
KWOCTCrazy Bulan Yang lalu
Apple Wolfox
Apple Wolfox Bulan Yang lalu
Idk why people still try to climb mt Everest there are 300 or more bodies on that summit surely u would expect the government to close that mountain due to all the deaths up there but some people are either brave enough to do it or dumb enough to do it without preparing if u are gonna climb plz be careful and always head back if your oxygen is low and never get separated by your group
VengireQ Bulan Yang lalu
So sad R. I. P
M.J. Leger
M.J. Leger Bulan Yang lalu
There are far more difficult mountains to climb in the world, but they don't have the "tallest in the world" title so it entices more egoistic people to climb (so they can brag they did!) Most people THINK they can survive the attempt to summit on Mt. Everest, but few really know the effects of hypoxia and what it does to the brain! They should study it so they know how easily you can die from inadequate oxygen! And having oxygen tanks isn't always reliable, there's all kinds of types of oxygen strengths and some people underestimate and others overestimate what just a little lack of oxygen can do to the brain. When your brain is addled from hypoxia, you THINK you are alright, but you are incapable of thinking clearly, and that's what kills people. Sometimes, they can stop climbing to rest "just for a minute" and their blood starts to pool in their lower body, AWAY FROM THE BRAIN, they don't suck up that O2 as fast, and shortly they will not have the physical or mental capacity to get up and get going again = death. To me, it would hardly be worth it, since all you can see (IF the weather is good) when you summit, is a bunch of snowy peaks of other mountains sticking up out of the clouds! I can see that in an airliner, commonly cruising above the heights of Mt. Everest!
MadCat 741
MadCat 741 Bulan Yang lalu
I'd far rather die after summiting Everest than live 80 years as a wage slave
M.J. Leger
M.J. Leger Bulan Yang lalu
You don't HAVE to be a "wage slave" if you are educated, healthy, and have the impetus to raise yourself above the common peon!
sri dpk
sri dpk Bulan Yang lalu
Nice upload
Anju Bulan Yang lalu
Nice Channel interesting videos thanks for sharing
OBLIVION PLAYZ Bulan Yang lalu
creative things
creative things Bulan Yang lalu
Oh 🙄
Sparsh saxena
Sparsh saxena Bulan Yang lalu
*Now spirits of all of them were saying “hum madarchod the jo yaha aaye....!”*
Iwalkiz 2 bulan yang lalu
Tahjib Rhyme
Tahjib Rhyme 2 bulan yang lalu
Shriya didn't die
The Dead Of Everest
Maroon 5 - Memories (Lyrics)