What Shane Dawson DELETED From The Series.. Conspiracy Palette Tutorial 

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm playing with the SOLD OUT Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Makeup Collection! It's time to sit down and talk about some real life issues I've been having, updating you all on my personal life, moving houses soon and big changes for Nathan and I! And I dip into the coveted Conspiracy eyeshadow palette and create a simple smokey eye look!
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10 Nov 2019



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Skylah Noble
Skylah Noble 8 jam yang lalu
Can’t believe you’re moving after creating the vault 😩
Paola Palma
Paola Palma 8 jam yang lalu
My sister has the same birthday as you Jeffre Star
Maahi Patel
Maahi Patel 8 jam yang lalu
life sucks! that’s how my life is always sadly...
Bloodybro___ 8 jam yang lalu
Jeffree: HI SCORPIOS Me: HEYYY BITCH (my birthday is october 28th)
Emma Eismontaite
Emma Eismontaite 8 jam yang lalu
Only Jeffree could pull off a look like that 😭 I'd look like a clown
Eve Moony
Eve Moony 8 jam yang lalu
Wtf moving from your dream house to your dream home? Can't relate.
Jessica O Sullivan
Jessica O Sullivan 8 jam yang lalu
Can't WAIT to see you in Dublin in January!!!!!!
Ditte marie Pedersen
Ditte marie Pedersen 8 jam yang lalu
love love love
mtndewdev 8 jam yang lalu
Can you do a reading mean comments vid? Those were always so funny lol love the collab btw!!
N Lucy
N Lucy 8 jam yang lalu
Loooove ya ⭐️
J M 8 jam yang lalu
Do a new house tour pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sami Sonne
Sami Sonne 8 jam yang lalu
"I'm just gunna dip into this random palette" Doesn't tell us who it's by Or show us the shades And has jeffree written across the mirror We're all onto you TO SAY THE LEAST
τεα ταε
τεα ταε 8 jam yang lalu
“It’s just like Trisha Paytas peed on my face” “I LOVE IT”
Brock LeBlanc
Brock LeBlanc 8 jam yang lalu
Jeffree: “Me and Nathan have had a tumultuous time...” Me: COME ON SAT WORDSSSS but on the real Jeffree I am so sorry for your loss! Positive prayers for your sweet babies 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Candice Vought
Candice Vought 8 jam yang lalu
Hi :)
Jasmine McSweeney
Jasmine McSweeney 8 jam yang lalu
Can not wait for the new house tour 🙌
StripedBandit 8 jam yang lalu
I’d love to start doing makeup but I’m afraid I’m not gonna be any good...
Nite Shade
Nite Shade 8 jam yang lalu
Jeffery my birthday is on 18th of this month ^_^ HAPPY early birthday ^~^
Raynah Woolsey
Raynah Woolsey 8 jam yang lalu
Will you release individual shadows in the future ?
Isabelle Victoria TV
Isabelle Victoria TV 8 jam yang lalu
Omg I cannot wait to see his new house...
meg elliott
meg elliott 8 jam yang lalu
the most humble hard working bitch - inspiring
Shayshay -
Shayshay - 8 jam yang lalu
2020: “hope it brings us new talent, with less attitude. Let’s bounce.” -jeffree star 2019
quinne 8 jam yang lalu
ok why is jeffree so pretty
Danielle Marie
Danielle Marie 8 jam yang lalu
"it's so empty in here" shows a still full room LOL! Also, if the table can still be used, you should do an auction for it (and any other house things you don't want) to raise money for the California fires considering your Sump Pump of a "President" cut funding recently.
Dawn Collins
Dawn Collins 8 jam yang lalu
You can donate all that to me lol 😝
Jane Taurus
Jane Taurus 8 jam yang lalu
Omg, please do a Christmas or New Years look with the pallet!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Kael's Corner
Kael's Corner 8 jam yang lalu
The hair is freaking gorgeous and I think~ It’s more expensive than my salary 😂❤️
Rehema Afghan
Rehema Afghan 8 jam yang lalu
Plz Jeffree do a house tour
Lyndsey Gaines
Lyndsey Gaines 8 jam yang lalu
I love you guys and hope your mental health gets better in time and moving into your house is a success! You deserve it!!! Also can NOT WAIT..too get my hands on this pallete!! God bless!
SsuperSarah 8 jam yang lalu
So happy for you, Shane and your families!!! Good luck with your move. Once again, you continue to prove how ICONIC you are!
Angéla Bencsik
Angéla Bencsik 8 jam yang lalu
And az soon it popd on my skren I was so happy
Katelyn Bayles
Katelyn Bayles 8 jam yang lalu
Omg Jeffree has the same birthday as my doggie!! HI NOV 15TH HOW ARE YA??!!
kristel 8 jam yang lalu
jeffree my birthday’s a day before you 💖
_ALMUA _ 8 jam yang lalu
My life is so bad at the moment I’m working full time but I don’t like it I just want to be a full time makeup artist one day
Cousins Corner
Cousins Corner 8 jam yang lalu
What about Jeffree's Pink Vault
Lesley Haynes
Lesley Haynes 8 jam yang lalu
Us scorpios have to stick together lol, Happy Birthday for the 15th Jeffree and thankyou for my birthday gift of a new video i have been waiting for. Stay safe always and much love
Cora Wood
Cora Wood 8 jam yang lalu
I fell in love with my best friend. I told her I loved her. We just started dating. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.
Geminigirl Gill
Geminigirl Gill 8 jam yang lalu
Yes!!! I love you and have missed your videos!!
iAM Christeen
iAM Christeen 8 jam yang lalu
Ok this pallet is S I C K ! 🤯
makeupso pitty
makeupso pitty 8 jam yang lalu
Jeffery:"we've outgrown this one" me: my fridge is my headboard😭🤣
subculturenz 8 jam yang lalu
megz 8 jam yang lalu
I love u jeffree ♡ I hope amazing things come your way!
alexis lofstrand
alexis lofstrand 8 jam yang lalu
wow jeffree nice videooo!! i’ve been watching u for so long bro can someone help me out and subscribe to me ? ❤️
Maheen Javed
Maheen Javed 8 jam yang lalu
My brother literally has the same birthday as Jeffree
Debbie Chain
Debbie Chain 8 jam yang lalu
So happy your back
no body is going to comment that breaking a mirror is like 7 years of bad luck? -.-'
Jamie 607
Jamie 607 8 jam yang lalu
missed u glad to see ur back on ur channel...
Holly Ross
Holly Ross 8 jam yang lalu
I LOVE this eye look.
Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan 8 jam yang lalu
Jeffree: “we are moving out” Pink vault: *“am I a joke to you?”*
Ileana Doll
Ileana Doll 8 jam yang lalu
If all of his subs donate a dollar we could buy his house and keep it the same so the pink walls and black stay foreverrr LONG LIVE THE VAULT
Rebecca Gamble
Rebecca Gamble 8 jam yang lalu
The person who buys his house is so lucky
iAM Christeen
iAM Christeen 8 jam yang lalu
Jeffree: Shane and I BROKE THE INTERNET! Nate and I are moving after losing 2 of our babies and MY VAULT! Hi, How Are Ya!? ME: I just baked cupcakes with my 6 year old at MY DADS HOUSE while I hunt for a JOB(BROKE) and while I pay for a car I totaled (3 months ago) and an apartment I cant live in now. I'm phenomenal!!😁😢
Debbie Blatt
Debbie Blatt 8 jam yang lalu
I wish you would’ve dipped into the MINI Controversy palette! That palette isn’t getting the respect it deserves; I bought the palette when it dropped and also did preorders for it as well. Wish I could’ve gotten the entire collection but I was kicked out off your site when it crashed and lost everything. BUT I’ll be there for the relaunch. 🌺
Sapphire Wright
Sapphire Wright 8 jam yang lalu
Can Jeffree do my makeup everyday?
Taylor Nicole
Taylor Nicole 8 jam yang lalu
Jeffree didn't wear highlight???? he was replaced with a clone, that's the only explanation
UMICL 8 jam yang lalu
I’ve been *WAITING* 😍😍
Cameron Lee
Cameron Lee 8 jam yang lalu
I'm so glad the collection is permanent bc the first two launches I was having to make choices between buying groceries or paying a bill and a choice between groceries (again) and going to the doctor
Metal Cobra
Metal Cobra 8 jam yang lalu
26:40 Me: "God damn, he's fabulous."
Rachel Nutt
Rachel Nutt 8 jam yang lalu
can someone buy me jeffrees house pls thanks ill become jeffree b. b rated j*
GlamedByEv 8 jam yang lalu
22:28 “I want you to remember to check on yourselves , a lot of us are always worried about everyone else & we really need to remember that WE NEED TO BE GOOD INSIDE” I FELT THAT IN MY SOUL 🙏🏻❤️