(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'LION' Official Music Video 

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(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'LION' Official Music Video
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3 Nov 2019



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(G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official YouTube Channel)
[🎧] LION - (G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 ✔ Apple Music: ✔ Spotify: ✔ Melon:
Cookie Rookie
Cookie Rookie 12 hari yang lalu
KIᗰ0ᒪᗩᖇᗩ Bulan Yang lalu
(G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official IDvid Channel) 🌝💞
BTS DREAM 2 bulan yang lalu
Dimas R
Dimas R 3 bulan yang lalu
ruru_ nuit
ruru_ nuit 4 bulan yang lalu
i love (g)i-dle‪⸜‪‪‪‪‪︎❤︎‪︎⸝‬‪‪‪⸜‪‪‪‪‪︎❤︎‪︎⸝‬‪‪‪⸜‪‪‪‪‪︎❤︎‪︎⸝‬‪‪
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Cely Aquino Trinidad
Cely Aquino Trinidad 26 menit yang lalu
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="159">2:39</a> deoooss
taetae's beautiful eyes
Soyeon hell yes ur a Queen bitch
Fatima Silva
Fatima Silva Jam Yang lalu
Amo essa música
Army X Midzy
Army X Midzy Jam Yang lalu
Get the F out if you're haters!!!!
Valen Mac donel
Valen Mac donel 2 jam yang lalu
SoYeon; I'm a queen Me: yes, you are
SIMRAN SARKAR 2 jam yang lalu
*Why does shuhua's part remind me of OH MY GOD ?*
9ixcv 3 jam yang lalu
وش ذا الجمال والقوه ياويليي 😭😭😭💗💗💗💗💗💗
Mini Moni
Mini Moni 4 jam yang lalu
Beem watching their Mvs and ISTG this groups AESTHETICS IS ON ANOTHRR LEVEL!!!!
Naira Akbar
Naira Akbar 4 jam yang lalu
CEYKEY MY HEART 5 jam yang lalu
snartliadh for mantu
snartliadh for mantu 9 jam yang lalu
Jenners 9 jam yang lalu
Motherf***ing masterpiece
NORAH ALLSHOUSE 10 jam yang lalu
lets be real *soyeons blonde hair owned this era*
Itz meh Rins :v
Itz meh Rins :v 10 jam yang lalu
Reason i in love with this Song Soyeon Rap part Minnie high note Bonus : The cameraman worked hard 💕
juanjo fabiano
juanjo fabiano 10 jam yang lalu
juanjo fabiano
juanjo fabiano 10 jam yang lalu
juanjo fabiano
juanjo fabiano 10 jam yang lalu
ÆŘÕ ŻÊŔØ 12 jam yang lalu
Help me i cant stop listening this song😭😭
irfn_raziqq 12 jam yang lalu
the song that made me a nevie and forever a proud nevie
Mansi Chauhan
Mansi Chauhan 13 jam yang lalu
I can't get stop streaming this music even if it's "oh my god" era... Hit a like if it's happening with u?
lee chaeyeon laughing at you
All of GIDLE's songs are like fine wine. Gets better every listen :>
Cousen 14 jam yang lalu
Türkiye den merhaba :D
아이들은사랑이지 14 jam yang lalu
whatadaftpunk753 15 jam yang lalu
I already loved this song but this music video they did for it gave me goosebumps it was so damn good. Damn i hope these ladies keep up the amazing music!
Reina Wang
Reina Wang 16 jam yang lalu
I just got an ad for Lion King right before this.. Disney knows how to advertise
Priska Gonti
Priska Gonti 16 jam yang lalu
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="149">2:29</a>
ismael azar
ismael azar 17 jam yang lalu
this song tells the story of Shuhua. Small distribution lines until his assertion as queen
영원히IDLE 19 jam yang lalu
Pinky Frey
Pinky Frey 20 jam yang lalu
I'm a queen like a lion who likes g idle
Hannah McCarthy
Hannah McCarthy 22 jam yang lalu
Song video lyrics all of it a MASTERPIECE
mjnona bkon
mjnona bkon 22 jam yang lalu
I like oh my god more
Nishita Bansal
Nishita Bansal 23 jam yang lalu
56M on the way
berrymin 95
berrymin 95 Hari Yang lalu
i became a neverland start with this mv! my bias is minnie and yuqi!
대한민국SERENAY Hari Yang lalu
Im so happy to u you are on the True wayy💞
Chris Chuang
Chris Chuang Hari Yang lalu
Keep waiting for few years, we are seeing a generation rising now.
im taeha
im taeha Hari Yang lalu
everyone in this industry know that g idle deserve better
Mansha Gupta
Mansha Gupta Hari Yang lalu
I don’t know why but I really like minnie’s part at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a> Comment if u agree
irfn_raziqq Hari Yang lalu
come back here to the song that made me a nevie and forever a proud nevie
정성길 Hari Yang lalu
와 영상미에 지리고 말았읍니다,,,
F.A.M JK2019
F.A.M JK2019 Hari Yang lalu
Im listening to this God damn song. And I just wonder how the song can be high quality like this. So pretty Flawless Amazing Intresting G idle all youre songs are awesome And I love them Its crazy 😲😲😲
Riane Lao
Riane Lao Hari Yang lalu
Lucas: *sees mv* Also Lucas: WayV! Yuqi has a new mv! WayV, on IG live: *sings lion* WayZenNi & Neverland: 😧😧😧 *breaks the internet with luqi support*
Lex N
Lex N Hari Yang lalu
this song is so intrinsically phenomenal fvck
Famille MzPaMeSa
Famille MzPaMeSa Hari Yang lalu
I looooooove this song !
jasmine Hari Yang lalu
Yeyyy thanks for Indo Sub😁😁
ღSakura -Worldღ
ღSakura -Worldღ Hari Yang lalu
When is the era of Oh my god and you can not fall out of love with this song. Is that: Miyeon's beauty and elegance. Minnie's high note. SooJin's precious voice. Soyeon's rap. YuQi's deep voice. The perfection of ShuHua. in short, they are all perfect, they have talent, their voices are beautiful, their dance, they are perfection and pure talent.
teaffony Hari Yang lalu
im so happy g idle is slowly getting their attention they deserve 🥺
ᴘᴜʀᴇ ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴ
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a> "nothing can confine me" didn't age well lol
Tshiring Tamang
Tshiring Tamang Hari Yang lalu
Miyeon is literally the Queen who has diamond like visuals and ear pleasing voice ......#RESPECT...Thank you GIDLE for the music that you offer to us...
Alexandra Serrano
Alexandra Serrano Hari Yang lalu
This is addicting
Gidle Love
Gidle Love Hari Yang lalu
Gidle Love
Gidle Love Hari Yang lalu
Otome Coruja
Otome Coruja Hari Yang lalu
Otome Coruja
Otome Coruja Hari Yang lalu
Otome Coruja
Otome Coruja Hari Yang lalu
Otome Coruja
Otome Coruja Hari Yang lalu
Otome Coruja
Otome Coruja Hari Yang lalu
Otome Coruja
Otome Coruja Hari Yang lalu
Otome Coruja
Otome Coruja Hari Yang lalu
Rana Saeed
Rana Saeed 2 hari yang lalu
My Queens
Rana Saeed
Rana Saeed 2 hari yang lalu
تاااج واااسي ملكاتي
Mohammad Karimabad
Mohammad Karimabad 2 hari yang lalu
Someone should have told her that she should say lioness.
Mugiwara No Soyeon
Mugiwara No Soyeon 17 jam yang lalu
@Mohammad Karimabad XD
Mohammad Karimabad
Mohammad Karimabad 17 jam yang lalu
@Mugiwara No Soyeon I have watched it now. It good but would have been better if they had said lioness.
Mugiwara No Soyeon
Mugiwara No Soyeon 18 jam yang lalu
@Mohammad Karimabad no man. i'm just trying to appreciate artist work here, instead of limiting their feeling.
Mugiwara No Soyeon
Mugiwara No Soyeon 18 jam yang lalu
@Mohammad Karimabad watch it. it's a cool video.
Mohammad Karimabad
Mohammad Karimabad 22 jam yang lalu
@Mugiwara No Soyeon I think the problem is that you are insisting on justifying their linguistic error.
Asum pordung
Asum pordung 2 hari yang lalu
please help g idle to be on the top please☺☺
Joel Amhert
Joel Amhert 2 hari yang lalu
Naira Akbar
Naira Akbar 2 hari yang lalu
dont you think jisoo would sound beautiful with G idle.........her voice would sooth the whole thing up
Just chill
Just chill Hari Yang lalu
never really thought of that wow....blackpink is amazing with all 4 members now and they are good with each other. But I can't imagine (G)I-DLE without these 6 members. All of their voices complement each other well and I'm grateful they debut together
вυввlє тєα
вυввlє тєα Hari Yang lalu
Maybe , but I think she fits well in Blackpink.
Mega Knight
Mega Knight 2 hari yang lalu
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> Minnie’s high note.
김동휘 2 hari yang lalu
뭐락하노 난!! 51살 이고 태권도 관장 이야!!
Win Win
Win Win 2 hari yang lalu
daaad orainy
daaad orainy 2 hari yang lalu
delruba chumke
delruba chumke 2 hari yang lalu
Soyeon Yuqi Meyeon Minnie Shohua Soojin 1/ Oh my god 2/ Lion 3/ Uh Oh 4/ Fire 5/ For You 6/ Dollar 7/ Senorita 8/ I love u 9/ Maybe 10/ Latata 11/ Hann 12/ FAKE love 13/ you go girl 14/ missing you 15/ Help me 16 What's in you house 17/ Try 18/ FIRST love 19/ Relay 20/ Don't text me
Mansha Gupta
Mansha Gupta 2 hari yang lalu
Who else can hear soyeon heavily breathing after her rap i don’t know why but it sounds good after the rap Comment if u agree
Jian Osman
Jian Osman 2 hari yang lalu
Why BLACKPINK have 36 Million Followers And G idle (my loveee❤❤❤) JUST 2.11 million m🤨 No hate. It is Just a quastion
Jian Osman
Jian Osman 2 jam yang lalu
@dev k ohh thnks👌🏻
dev k
dev k 3 jam yang lalu
Blackpink is from YG, which is one of the big 3s of kpop industry. But gidle is from comparatively small company. Cube is getting more attention because of gidle.. They are doing good 👍
kiwi world
kiwi world 2 hari yang lalu
It's 2020 and I'm still getting goosebumps over Shuhua
Hassna Younsy
Hassna Younsy 2 hari yang lalu
I like Gidle but that's not right,people are hating and hating again because they have been plagiarized b another group,i heard the song of that group,the concept is similar but also common,their outfits are just the style they used in the past few years so they didn't copy gidle outfits,and THE SONG IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT so stop talking about plagiarism cuz it's a nonsense,they are two different songs.
вυввlє тєα
вυввlє тєα Hari Yang lalu
@Hassna Younsy Neverland is (G)I-DLE's fandom and there it's an obvious intention of plagiarizing. Those factors like the royal theme , the dance moves , the lyrics don't belong to (G)I-DLE since probably other idols or groups use them as well. BUT all of them together makes "Lion" what it is , so when the use those factors in common , obviously it will see like an intention of copying. Lion has royal theme ,certain choreography, certain lyrics, certain aesthetic, certain hands movements, etc, like I said that doesn't belong to (G)I-DLE but all of them mixed makes Lion, which is from (G)I-DLE. Those girls doesn't deserve any hate , but the problem it's with the program. It's been a while so we forgot about that now , don't worry.
Hassna Younsy
Hassna Younsy Hari Yang lalu
вυввlє тєα I guess neverlands is a name for fans of a group?im not a neverlands anyway I just expressed my opinion
Hassna Younsy
Hassna Younsy Hari Yang lalu
fans 123 What is neverland?
вυввlє тєα
вυввlє тєα Hari Yang lalu
Those aren't Neverlands but other people who make opinions about that, like usually. It's been a while since that problem, we already forgot about that , there are few comments in YT about that now.
fans 123
fans 123 2 hari yang lalu
Which true Neverland are opening comments here and the other side talking about it? Show me the username. All I see were strangers kept barking in here and over the other side.
Beyond The Scene
Beyond The Scene 2 hari yang lalu
the dancers tho
Rhian Raydanas
Rhian Raydanas 2 hari yang lalu
The vocalssss,,,,damnnnn💕
Irene Sonas
Irene Sonas 2 hari yang lalu
James Tan
James Tan 2 hari yang lalu
Wow different side of shuhua
ArmyWithLuv UwU
ArmyWithLuv UwU 2 hari yang lalu
The reason why they are wearing like a prisoner’s dress in some clips like in the first chorus clip, It’s because Lions are the highest rankings and yet they are captured and tortured them but Lion’s are the highest that’s why they are wearing fancy clothing cause they are meant to be treated as royalty like queen or kings because of their strong power that no other ranking can possess.
irfn_raziqq Hari Yang lalu
@ArmyWithLuv UwU anyway i like the todoroki profile pic haha
Potty Mouth
Potty Mouth Hari Yang lalu
@ArmyWithLuv UwU uh ok.
ArmyWithLuv UwU
ArmyWithLuv UwU 2 hari yang lalu
Potty Mouth what I mean is rankings like in royalty or poker cards King, Queen, Spades, Jacks, Aces ( Spades and Jacks: 10-2)
Potty Mouth
Potty Mouth 2 hari yang lalu
There are no lions in Korea.
Mohamed Mahgoub
Mohamed Mahgoub 2 hari yang lalu
Soyeon queen 💜
[MV] MAMAMOO - Starry Night