Zara Larsson - Invisible (from the Netflix Film Klaus) (Official Music Video) 

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"Invisible" available at:
Video Directed by: Sarah McColgan
Video Produced by: Roger Ubina
Join Zara Larsson online:
(C) 2019 Record Company TEN, under exclusive rights to Epic Records US/Sony Music Entertainment Sweden AB


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15 Nov 2019



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Komentar 2 510   
Enes Sweden
Enes Sweden 31 menit yang lalu
❤️Zara Larsson❤️
Breno Augusto
Breno Augusto 3 jam yang lalu
My god this song is very good and the movie also congratulations Zara Larsson
fofura games
fofura games 7 jam yang lalu
Hello Brazil
MR. DIAZ 8 jam yang lalu
That movie make me cry for a week
Midey Lyn
Midey Lyn 9 jam yang lalu
just like the presence of God you can only feel it you cant touch him or see him and he is the greatest being. loving this song. just watched the movie
Ouytong Liv
Ouytong Liv 10 jam yang lalu
This film is really worth checking out, Beautiful animation and a great story ❤️
Ello klein
Ello klein 10 jam yang lalu
Το τραγούδι είναι τόσο όμορφο 😜
TaoPoPCorn 14 jam yang lalu
YeSsssssss I'm cry so hard
JUSTKRYT Productions
JUSTKRYT Productions 15 jam yang lalu
The greatest thing you’ll ever know are invisible 💜
JUSTKRYT Productions
JUSTKRYT Productions 15 jam yang lalu
This is my songgg😍❤️❤️
the FLIP
the FLIP 17 jam yang lalu
i know zara wont read this because im 𝓲𝓷𝓿𝓲𝓼𝓲𝓫𝓵𝓮 but i hope she comes to manila again
Bae Tlog
Bae Tlog 22 jam yang lalu
it’s like connected to jack frost. like in the end, klaus became a guardian. damn mind blown
Charles with the C
Charles with the C Hari Yang lalu
So ... what’s the joke about one-leg man walks in the bar ? .. I hope it’s milkshake , cause my.. bring ...
prr4691 Hari Yang lalu
Like Klaus os Amazing Beatiful 🎅❤️
Luana Gregui
Luana Gregui Hari Yang lalu
Meu filho ama esse filme ❤❤
Rory Summerlin
Rory Summerlin Hari Yang lalu
Movies need to be made like Klaus, it is beautiful quality, great story, and a happy ending❤️💜💙💚💙💜❤️ we need more movies like this! ⬇️
ali hol
ali hol Hari Yang lalu
Coool zara
Mcee Ghol
Mcee Ghol Hari Yang lalu
Kyle Marion De Guzman
Kyle Marion De Guzman Hari Yang lalu
I like this pop version but the movie version gave me more chills hope someone will upload it 💜
Fahad Haili
Fahad Haili Hari Yang lalu
I hope this song will run for an Oscar
Ali Hari Yang lalu
Zara Larsson is 👑👑👑
Cemre Ben Çerkesim
Cemre Ben Çerkesim Hari Yang lalu
I love you Zara!💙
filip8099 Hari Yang lalu
This movie had all the emotion that the last Disney live actions didn't have 😅👌🏻😂
Purple_Rose Hari Yang lalu
My favorite scene of the movie was the song part
filip8099 Hari Yang lalu
I thought it was just another generic Christmas movie, I WAS SHOCKED IT WAS A GREAT SURPRISE, made me have hope in current movies
CombativePluto Hari Yang lalu
I normally don't like movies but this is the one movie that I enjoyed watching in a long time, I wonder when memes of this movie will start popping up.
Kolorowa Kotka BSP
Kolorowa Kotka BSP Hari Yang lalu
Oglądałam dzisiaj w szkole ten film... piękny jest, jedny z najlepszych filmów animowanych jakie oglądałam ❤️
natalia barros
natalia barros Hari Yang lalu
Amei Klaus e coisa mais legal
Sylvia Samira
Sylvia Samira Hari Yang lalu
Ein sehr schöner und trauriger Film 🥰🥰
anitayaj Hari Yang lalu
Obsessed with this song after watching Klaus!! 😍😍😍😍
Steven Reyes
Steven Reyes Hari Yang lalu
I have say but I cried at the end of the movie
Savage Hippie
Savage Hippie Hari Yang lalu
The movie can literally be replayed every year on Christmas it’s really good
Marcus Moutra
Marcus Moutra 2 hari yang lalu
Watching the movie Klaus right now. 😊
angelica muñoz
angelica muñoz 2 hari yang lalu
Ameeeee esta película 😍❤️
Tania Godoy
Tania Godoy 2 hari yang lalu
La película es hermosa, necesitamos más películas así. Y la canción, espectacular!
Sofita Kawai
Sofita Kawai 2 hari yang lalu
Pelicula Claus :3
Jade Cuento
Jade Cuento 2 hari yang lalu
she`s so very gorgeous!!
Kerri Wilson
Kerri Wilson 2 hari yang lalu
cats are da BOMB
cats are da BOMB 2 hari yang lalu
Man.. *sniffles* WHO DA HELL CUT ONIONS
New Ari Comeon
New Ari Comeon 2 hari yang lalu
After see the movie ending got me. When claus wife call. Make me cry a little 😢
Reginald Fitzherbert
Reginald Fitzherbert 2 hari yang lalu
Brie Larsson became Captain Marvel cause she can't sing
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